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Just a little update :)

just a little update :)

I didn't really know where to put this, but I figured it was about time for an update!

History-Dx CD 10 years ago, v.little problem since then, the odd small dose of pred, but nothing major.

I was ill in december 2010 and the GP put me on pred 30mg. The consultant upped this to 40mg in January and a week later admitted me for 400mg IVs. This seemed to do the trick, but 2 weeks later I was in again. They could find little evidence of active CD and all my bloods were ok. Since then I have been weak and uncapable, permanently tired and just not right. I assumed down to inability to absorb.

I'm now onto consultant number 5 and I have answers :)
Apparently the IVs were at such a high dose-way above recommended for my body size and way more than necessary to treat a (relatively) moderate flare-that they have caused some damage within my body. He thinks my second admission was a reaction to the steroid rather than CD related. The upshot is, my muscle enzymes have been disabled and I have possible ME-certainly all the Sx of ME-just waiting for the results.

So I guess it's good I FINALLY have an answer, but also pretty bad that I'm in this situation due to inappropriate treatment.

A question- I've an appointment next week with the Doc who gave me the 400mg . . . do I go? What do I say? Should I take it further?


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I am glad you got some answers, though not ideal. I certainly would not go back to the doctor who messed up. Also, I think I'd give him a piece of my mind. And if there is proof that an overdose of IV steroids caused permanent damage, I'd even take legal action.