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Just a question (pancreas / pancreatitis)

Hello All,

So I have been dealin with problems for about 10 years now. My pain which is upper mid to side and wraps around back and shoulders. When it's really bad it travels down abdomen until everything is hard and hurting. O.k sory to bore you with symptoms, but my question is this. What types of tests are available for checking pancreas, besides enzmes? I was found after an MRI to have pancreas divisum (PD). Which the GI told me can cause chronic pancreatitis. But my enzymes are always normal or only slightly off, ext.. I have been reading on PD and I have come across lots of info on PD causing all kinds of pain and problems, ones which are exactly like my own. Or people having pancreastitis with normal enzymes. But GI dr is convinced I have IBS, as almost all tests have ruled crohn's out and he says my pancreas is medically functioning... O.k well if i have curled over in pain, thats not functioning very well. I know this is an IBD forum, but does anyone, as you all have been through hell and high water to get diagnoised, have an idea about other tests to check how pancreas is funtioning? Thank you eveyone for reading...
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Thanks Starr.. I have asked my GI and he blew me off saying we have your blood tests what more do we need, your pancreas is FINE. But I have been reading about people having pain without pancreatitis ext. I need to bring in all the literature i've read into his office and make him READ it, becasue he acts like i am crazy, even laughted a bit when I mentioned possiblity of my problems being from my pancreas...
Oh dear, I had a GI like that, I ditched him and got another who i've only seen once but like much better! Mine was ordered after my amylase came back high after being normal in the past.


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Amy, I second what Star said - if your GI acts like you are crazy, that sounds like time for a new GI! And if he laughs at you, ditto - ditch him and find a doctor who will take you seriously and listen to you. You don't deserve nor have to accept that kind of treatment!
Hey Hun
I had acute pancreatitis in 2003 .

I went to A&E ( er ) about 10 times in absolute agony before any diagnosis was made !!

I ended up having gallstones which apparently cause a blockage then hey presto acute pancreatitis !
My gallbladder was removed and I went downhill from there .
I finally got diagnosed with crohns in sept 2010 an was told that my gallbladder and pancreas problems all came from crohns as I was only 18 when it all started .
I'm 26 now and it's been 8 years of hell to get a diagnosis other than ibs it's all in your head etc, I only got the proper tests I needed last year and some like pill cam this march .

What I will say to u is don't give up and accept your docs answers like I did , I knew something was wrong but had no confidence to tell my doc he was wrong I need more tests etc , u know your body so make sure u tell him that !
Don't wait 8 years for a diagnosis like I did .

Jen XX