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Just a stupid vent

I'm just kind of irritated and stressed right now. I'm supposed to be commuting to school by the end of August, right? Well, the funny thing is, I don't have my license yet. Partly because my parents never take me out to practice. @_@ That's honestly the least of my concerns though, because I'm pretty sure I'll get it...I hope. The bigger problem is, how much the insurance will cost, how much a car will cost, and the fact that my family and my doctor seem to be urging me not to work while I'm at school.

The car insurance would be something ~200 a month. And a car payment on a used car, if I'm splitting it with my brother and my parents are chipping a little in, might be around ~45 a month. Normally that would be no problem to come up with, but if I'm not working at all, it's a different story. Which is why I'm trying to convince everyone to let me work somewhere, at least on the weekends. But they using the, "You're not even in complete remission/you'll just make yourself sicker" argument. Even so, I've applied to like, 10 places for a weekend position behind everyone's back, but no place has contacted me yet, so I can't even argue back, "At least let me try working the weekends at _____ for a while." You know?

Like, everyone is always ranting about how difficult this will be to work out. To which I respond, "Well, if you just let me work..." and then they get all mad. Just not feelin so good about all of this right now, and I'm frustrated.
Your parents and doctor are just concerned for your health. Did you say this is your first year of college? If that's the case, they probably know that it's hard enough for even a healthy freshman college student to manage stress, without throwing a disease and a job into the mix. I understand your wanting to work, but maybe you should just see how things go for a couple of weeks first. Another option may be to talk to your admissions office. Most schools offer some kind of work/study program designed especially for students. They usually set you up with a job in the library or something like that. If you're lucky, you can get a position that allows you to study while you work, like a desk clerk or something. Since these jobs are specifically designed for students, they tend to be flexible with your schedule and limit the number of hours you can work. Plus, since you are already on campus, it eliminates the stress of trying to get from point a to point B in time. If you haven't already looked into it, I think it's worth a shot.
Can you carpool with someone or take the bus to school? You may be able to get a student pass for public transportation.

I'd say keep looking into jobs, preferably something not too strenuous (not the food industry!) that will give you flexible hours and see if you can find an alternate mode of transportation.

Good luck!
Shadycat, they do offer jobs on campus, but the salary is like $1500 a year, which is pretty insubstantial considering how much my insurance would be.

RHOV, I'm carpooling with my brother somedays, since he happens to commute to the same school, but some days our schedules just don't work out. Right now it's looking like I might have to get rides to and from school from my parents on some days. You do what you've gotta do I guess, right? I actually just applied for a weekend shift at a library, but it doesn't seem as though they could give me hours every weekend. =/

Thanks Agent and everyone else for listening to me complain though. :p
Just a little update: I quit my job. Never bought a car, since I can't afford one if I'm not working. I'm just mooching rides to college some days. Kinda lame, I guess, but I don't even care at this point. I'd rather get a ride to college from my dad then get even sicker working too hard, right? :) Other days, my brother has to be down there for his classes anyway, so I'll just get a ride from him. The funny thing is, I don't even have my license yet. Once I realized that I'd almost never get to drive to school myself anyway, except on occasions where no one else in the family needed to use their cars to be somewhere, I didn't stress over it and go to the DMV. :lol: