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Just after advice on the best time to have a stoma reversal

Last Saturday I had surgery for the stoma. I've had 3 sections removed and I'm recovering well they were surprised I was able to leave hospital and go home on the Wednesday. I was wondering a few things;

A. How long is best to wait for a reversal?
B. How many times a day do people need to empty there's when it settles?
C. What are my chances of having surgery again in the future?



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Hi Coleman, Welcome to the forum
Sorry to hear about the resections :hug:
I personally have never had a stoma so I don't know the answers to your questions. But from what I do know is that everyone has takedowns at different times, it depends on your healing and whether or not your doctor feels your intestines can function properly once it is reversed. The other questions I am unsure of, but someone will be around to give you better answers I am sure!
I had my reversal after three months. I had a lot of complications after the surgery, but that is down to sheer bad luck and super complicated Crohn's rather than how quickly I had the reversal.
Since my resection and ileostomy in Nov I haven't had to take any Crohn's Meds, which is amazing! I can also now eat pretty much whatever I like!!
Despite an ongoing problem with an enterocutaneous fistula, I feel AWESOME!!!

Personally, I had quite a high output Stoma and tended to empty my bag 7-9 times a day. However, that is not to say that it was full each time I emptied it. I hate having anything in it, so used to empty it whenever I went to the loo.

I think research has shown that once you've had one op you're more likely to need more in the future. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me will come along soon. It's something I try not to dwell on, I'm just focussing on being well and enjoying life right now!

I hope you continue to recover really well from your surgery :)
If you need any more Stoma advice there are loads of people on here who can help!
Thanks for the advice. At first they said between 3-6 Months for a reversal but then they said the day I left hospital it could be 6-9
I'm having mine reversed in 1 month - after 18 months.
I have mine because of severe perianal disease - not a resection.
My butt took a long time to heal.

I empty usually once in the morning, once on the afternoon and once in the evening.
Generally each time I go to the bathroom.
It took awhile to settle though.

My understanding is also that once you've had one surgery - you are more likely to have more (according to the research).
The hospital I'm at wanted to wait till 6 months or over. I think it depends on the surgeons own point of view and what the hospital's normal route is. Currently waiting for the reversal.
I empty whenever I start feeling uncomfortable about it. Normally I only empty it because of the gas and the size it blows itself up too.I do get up once in the night to empty it.
In the beginning, most people have high output and empty up to 10 times a day or more, including a trip or two in the night. Once things settled down, I now empty about 5 times a day and no longer wake at night needing to empty.


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I can't answer A.
B. 10-14 times a day but I only have 1.5 m left (absorption and dehydration are a challenge).
C. If you've had one surgery you'll probably need more.


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Time for reversal is usually minimum 3 months - my first ileo i had for 12 months. It may depend on what medications you've been on - lots of prednisone/hydrocortisone slows down healing so may mean keeping it longer. This ileo they said 3 months - it was a diff surgeon so maybe it depends on the surgeon (??) although now they are saying permanent.
I need to empty at least 12 times a day and once in the night, but I have short bowel syndrome and an unusually high output. Most people are a lot less.
Chances of further surgery are pretty high unfortunately. According to my ibd specialist the surgical join is like creating another terminal ileum and so the disease is very likely to return in this spot.
I can't answer A.
B. 10-14 times a day but I only have 1.5 m left (absorption and dehydration are a challenge).
C. If you've had one surgery you'll probably need more.

I know it has been along time but how are you doing with your absorbtion and hydration I have that same problem I
Get very little I am on 24 hour TPN.