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Just found out that i have crohn's

So today I went to go check up with my doctor and she told be I had crohn's. I'm 17 years old and the only way that the abdominal pain will go away or reduce the pain is by smoking marijuana. I've had this for about 1 year or more and they have givin me pills but nothing works exept for smoking pot. So I wanted to see ifi should tell her that I smoke ? also does smoking pot reccomended or if it actually helps you if you have crohns?
What about actually addressing your diet (including drinks)? I found that pills or pot can certainly mask the pain or temporarily offer relief, but you have to figure out what you are doing to cause the inflammation that causes the disease. Eliminate grains, dairy, sugar, additives (i.e., diet drinks/foods, sorbitol, all preservatives, etc.) and stay off it for as long as possible. I have pretty much eliminated them from my diet for 10 years now and never looked back. When you feel the relief, you will realize you CAN control this. Good luck!
You should definately let the doctor know. They should know about cigarette smoking as well if you do that. I've heard quite a few people mention that as treatment, there was actually a thread on it not to long ago on here with studies about how it being used as treatment may or may not affect bowel diseases.

Either way, I'm sorry to hear you have been diagnosed but it will all be okay. At least they know what it is now and you can get on the road to recovery. Good luck and I hope you feel well again soon!


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Greetings and welcome!

Medical Marijuana can be a viable treatment option for some, but it is imperative that your doctor know your entire history including your marijuana use. If your current treatment regimen isn't working, discuss this fact with your doctor. There are plenty of other treatment options and dietary changes you can make that can help. If the MM works for you that's fine, but you need to take control and explore every option you can.

Again, welcome, I hope you enjoy our community here and become a regular member.
Hi and :welcome:! I'm 17 too and have Crohns as well. I've never heard about using marijuana...but I do know it's used in other treatments. I hope you talk to your dr! Good luck!