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Just got back from my Colonoscopy

Just had my colonoscopy today, my first one was in 09 when i got DX with Crohns. The good news is that my crohns hasn't spread its still in the ileum and its still mild YAY. Though he found some Aphthos ucler in the ileium so I am having a flare :( that's why the doctor decided to do a colonoscopy. He prescribed me Apriso 6 times a day. I was on Lialda but it might of stopped working. He decided to keep my on measlmine because my crohns is mild and other than that I am healthy, so he doesn't want to be to aggressive with Humira or Remecide.

I asked him about probitoics and he said any from GNC should work, but I don't buy that. So do you guys recommend any probitics that affect the Ileium.

Also my sharp anal pain is because of internal hemorrihoids, and he gave me meds for that.

Sucks to know that im flaring but glad that its still mild.
Hello SidS, I am glad to hear your Crohn's hasn't spread. I haven't gone down the route of probiotics, but you can try to see if it helps. I am sure it wouldn't hurt. Did they put you on prednisone because you're still flaring? I am also taking Apriso, but I take it once a day. Rest and relax after the colonoscopy hope you feel better soon. Let us know how it goes. :)


Sounds like your GI is keeping on top of things. Sorry to hear you are having a flare though. I cant recommend one probiotic over another tbh. I am now just sticking to yogurt myself.

No pred for the flare? Or Entocort?
I've tried a few different probiotics and all I can really say is it's hard to tell if they do work. I'm sure there is some benefit to taking them but it's hard for me to tell personally. However there are some that might make your symptoms worse, more gassy and difficult to digest, so please be careful and don't start off with a 6 month supply :)
VSL#3 is by prescription only, but is supposed to be the most powerful probiotic available currently. It is prescribed by many GI docs in the U.S. I used it for awhile and it did seem to help.


Here's a link to another post about getting assistance for VSL#3 if you need it.

As for over-the-counter probiotics, check the bacteria count on the label. The higher the bacteria count, the better.