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Just like an infant

So today, all of a sudden, Sideshow Bob starts squealing and moving around a lot. This went on for about 5 minutes. It started to feel real tickly, so I checked out the situation. There he was slowly blowing a bubble....out a little, in a little, out a little more, and then back in a little. Finally, the bubble popped. Now he's just sitting there like nothing happened.

stomas..... sheesh!!!
Hmph. Sideshow Bob is a real show-off! Or a sideshow!

I met a woman who named her stoma "Bubble and Squeak"...I thought it was totally appropriate!

Let the stoma goodtimes roll!



One of the first times I was changing my appliance, Stan farted - but it looked SO hilarious..... reminded me of letting the air out of a balloon where the end flaps all around.....

Was making me laugh so hard I had to cover everything up with the change pad until I stopped laughing so I could finish changingwithout shaking all over the place.....

It's kinda good we have this instances to give us laughs - cause it's not like that all the time!!

*Silver mutters "Bubble and squeak" and wanders off giggling to herself.....*
I dont have a stoma.....but they sound like they are always interesting :) Almost like a new friend you have acquired.