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Just me saying hello

Hi my name is carrie and I live in the UK. I have suffered symptoms of IBD since 2007 which is when I suffered my first perianal abcsess. This healed and I was pretty much free from problems ( I say that being only 18 the time I'd never heard of IBD, was told it was IBS and got on with my life).
I had my son Bobby April 2011
between October 2011 and May 2012 I suffered with reoccurring swelling in the same area I had numerous types of antibiotics which worked for a period of time although thinking back now I was kidding my self and just hoping it wud go away.
In may 2012 the abcsess was so bad I took my self to a&e and had it drained.
I was sent for a colonoscopy and that confirmed I had Crohn's in June 2012. I was sent for various MRI scans.
The abcsess' then turned into 2 fistulas, my skin was do thin I developed a 3rd. I was put on asacol and pretty much sent on my merry way and told fistulas can be tricky especially with Crohn's and I had to put up with it.
So january 2014 came and one of the fistulas turned into an abcsess which would not subside with the usual antibiotics so I took my self to a&e they sent me to theartre and placed 3 setons in. Since then been give azathioprine and the fistulas are still leaking constantly.

I think that's everything for now. Xx


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Hello Carrie :)

I'm sorry you've had such a rough time of it, I hope that the medication works and gets you feeling better quickly. Have you had any antibiotics to try and clear any infection?

Do you have a plan in place for if the aza isnt effective enough?
Hello I'm ok thanks I'm very used to this all now. Just today received dome antibiotics for an infection. I've been told if azathioprine doesn't have an affect by 3 months at 150mg then biological therapy next. I see no improvement in slightest to be honest but I stay hopeful something will come along and work. Eventually :) xx