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Just need to rant about something happening at work

So I work in an office where the bathrooms are shared for the entire building. There are 2 floors with one on each, and they are often full. For years I (and another coworker who has colitis) have been asking for a private bathroom inside of our part of the office building only to have the request brushed aside. I get it, construction costs money, but they've remodelled the kitchen 2 times since I've worked here...

Fast forward to this past week where I have been asked to move a bunch of stuff in the server room because they are going to cut off 1/3 of that room to install a shower because some people have expressed an interest in cycling to work. I asked and was told there would be no toilet, just a shower and sink, the space is like 3x the size of my home bathroom... I was visibly pissed off about this and mentioned it to them, only to be told (other coworker) and I were being selfish.

This whole situation has me brushing up the ol' resume. Thanks for listening lol.