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Just spent a night in the hospital :(

I just got out of the hospital last night. I was in so much pain I couldn't walk, eat, sleep or function. I went into the ER two nights ago, they did a CAT scan, found no large intestinal abnormalities, gave me some fluids and pain meds..then sent me home. Frustrated, I made an appointment with my regular doctor the next day. I went to my appointment, she looked me over and called my GI right away. They decided to have me admitted right away, just to get the runaway inflammation and pain under control, if nothing else.

I was admitted given 125 mg of IV prednisone, pain meds, zofran and lots and lots of well needed fluids. They continued to hydrate me, get my pain under control and fill me with steroids. I felt much better getting all those meds pumped into me, but really just wanted to be in the comfort of my own home.

It is always hard to be in the hospital when it's not life threatening. I mean, I probably could have made it a few more days, but I was not getting taken seriously by my doctors. I mean I only spent a night in the hospital, but I was able to sleep and get a good jump start on a much higher taper of prednisone while my remicade starts to work. What are your experiences? I think that overall, one night in the hospital got me a jump start to to getting better, getting me to a point where I can start getting better. Even if I got frustrated because I wasn't that bad (my labs were elevated and I was severely dehydrated but, again not life threatening yet) I think it was necessary to get the help I needed.

Have you ever had to stay in the hospital/really push to get taken seriously to get better?


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I hate hospitals but we need them at times. Severe dehydration is serious and requires a trip to the ER.

Thankfully I've never had a problem being taken seriously.

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Even though I've never been in a hospital, I totally agree with DJW! This much dehydration needs to be taken care of!!! Please take care and keep us updated. :hug:
I am doing fine now. Got pain under control somewhat, steroids taper in place (seems to be helping a bit already) and lots and lots of water for this girl. Unfortunately, with my Crohn's it always feels like I'm always dehydrated no matter what. Now, I am also dealing with the unhappy side effects of the prednisone sweats, which makes me feel even more dehydrated. :( I always tell myself I only have to do this for a few weeks to get things under control.
Have you ever had to stay in the hospital/really push to get taken seriously to get better?
I have and I think you'll find that this is a pretty common occurance for us Crohnies. It takes so long to go through all the procedures sometimes and all the time we're being untreated and not getting better.

I had had fecal calprotectin tests, blood tests, colonoscopy and gastroscopy, biopsies and an MRI and I was STILL waiting for a diagnosis from my consultant.

I ended up going to see my GP on a Friday afternoon because I was in so much pain (and a different kind of pain than I had been experiencing prior) and they sent me to A&E in the nearest city, rather than my local A&E.

Once I was in the A&E and the doctor saw me (after about 4 hours of being there), he listened to me telling him my history, about all the tests I'd had, about how I had even been calling my consultants secretary to let the know I was feeling worse. He looked at my files on the computer system and could see all the tests and their results, the colonoscopy indicated Crohn's. The biopsies came back showing Crohn's. The MRI showed narrowing of my small intestines consistant with Crohn's. So obviously, he went ahead and diagnosed me. I was admitted and kept in for 4 days because I was so malnourished, had lost a lot of weight and just needed to be taken care of and be given a care plan rather than being fobbed off.

While I don't like being in hospital and it was horrible to be parted from my family for so long (never been parted from my child for that long before). I am glad that it finally happened. I hope that your stay has helped kick start your remission and that you start and continue to feel better.