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Just started Modulen, craving tips please!

Hi everyone,

I have just started Modulen (day 2) and was wondering if you had any tips to stop the cravings. All I want is salty foods. Would a miso soup be bad (clear version) or will this upset the way module works?
Any tips would be amazing.

Yeah it wouldn't definitely upset it. Modulen doesn't only rest the bowel from any sort of food including salt but it is also partly medicinal. You will need to let it work!! I know it isn't salty but I was encouraged to suck on Fox's Glacier Mints as they were just peppermint oil basically! Grew an addiction for them over time
Hey I'm 15 and I did the modulen diet for 6 weeks- to cure my cravings I also just had to suck on fox's glacier mints and I did occasionally chew on chewing gum however it does make you more hungry so I learnt to chew just before I was going to drink modulen. Just one thing don't swallow the gum! Good luck drinking the modulen:) xxx