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Just started Vedolizumab, looking for peoples experience..new to all of this

I'm a 37 year old female who was diagnosed with Chronic Colitis last year.
I was a fairly healthy person until this disease sort of punched me in the face. The worst of my inflammation happens in my lower colon, so my doc leans towards UC, but I also get hella bad mouth ulcers, so he has not ruled out Crohns. Right now, he calls it chronic colitis.
I have pretty much been in a flare since my diagnosis, when I'm not actively taking prednisone. I haven't had a lot of response to the usual medicines.
At the height of my flares, I get at least 15-20 bloody stools a day, weight loss, pain, and all the other joys of a flare.
I have been admitted to the hospital twice since then. I have almost exhausted all the medications out there. Thus far, the only thing I respond to is prednisone, which I am trying to taper off.

I recently started a new medicine called vedolizumab, and I pray that this works for me. I just had my third infusion, and all is well. I did have a reaction to it as I was leaving, and got sick -vomiting, which is a side effect. I also got really bad diarrhea, the super liquid kind, and it all happened at once...at the clinic. Lovely. Which is not a side effect. I want to know if anyone else has experienced this, or what their experience is

Diagnosed in 2014 with Chronic Colitis
Currently taking: Mercaptopurine, Lialda, prednisone- but I'm tapering off 2.5 per week, now at 5 ml, and now Vedolizumab infusions.
Developed antibodies to Remicade, and went off Humira when I started Vedo.