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Just waiting on a start date!

I just had an appointment with my GI, I'm ready to start infliximab as soon as they get me an appointment. I'm not sure how long it will take. I'm hoping its soon since I have been waiting almost a year!
I asked about staying on Aza, and he said he will keep me on it for the first six months. I also asked how long he wanted me on infliximab, to check what he was thinking, and he said hopefully long term as a maintenance med, which was what I was hoping.
I know there is a lot of info on here so I'll have to have a little read, but any info and experiences you guys can share with me I will be grateful!
Feels like it is finally happening!
That is great news, LMV!!! I know you are so ready since they seem to have had you in a holding pattern for so long.

Just a few tips on the Remicade. Sometimes our infusion room can get chilly so C takes a blanket, he also packs some snacks and drinks although the Remi nurses provide them. He takes all his media, phone, kindle, laptop. His lab has a flatscreen and DVD so they watch movies too.

After the infusion, we usually go eat and on the way home he feels a little tired for awhile but it passes in an hour or two. I know everyone is different though.

Good luck with the appointment and I'm so glad it finally came through!!
Thanks, I'm looking forward to treating myself to a magazine each time I go :)
Can someone please just explain to me about the loading doses? Just seen it mentioned on here quite a bit and wanted to clarify what it is about.
Thanks :)
The loading doses are usually done at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks then you go to regular doses every 8 weeks although sometimes they may tweak the schedule or dose of needed.
Yay! Mine took awhile to get approved too, but once I got the approval, I got my first loading dose the next week, hope you don't have to wait long. Good Luck!
Thanks :)
I was just wondering, I forgot to mention to my GI that my surgical wounds are still weeping. Does that matter in terms of, does that count as an infection? I'm thinking not because its still part of the healing process. But I'm not sure! :S