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Just want to say no more!

Does anyone else want to say no more? No more taking 17 pills a day? I swear I am tired of being sick. I know I can't go off all my meds but honestly I get so sad taking all these pills. Am I being a baby or does anyone else struggle with this?
There's nothing wrong with getting frustrated. Chronic illness sucks. Taking pills every day sucks. It's OK to acknowledge that if you feel that way.


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Well...I keep saying no more...but it doesn't make it go away
We are entitled to have a good moan about it all,especially if it helps.
What can't be cured must be endured.
One day there'll be a cure.
Feel better soon

my little penguin

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Ds takes lots of pills and shots and and and ...
He is allowed to have pity parties
But we also tell him there is always some who has it worse
Taking a visit to the kiddie hospital for appts allows him to process this better
Seeing a therapist who specializes in chronic illness is also an excellent idea
Since you have every right to be upset
I tend to go with at least there are pills to take
Some diseases there are very few drug options ( sweets syndrome is one of those )
Big hugs
Take care of yourself
And pamper yourself a bit