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Keep it in the family.....

keep it in the family.....

Hi guys,
I had a subtotal colectomy with temp ileostomy in March last year. On April 20th this year I had my second surgery......(j pouch made with loop ileostomy) things went well, 2 weeks out of hospital today!!!!:ybiggrin:

To get to the point, my nan had emergeny surgery this week for bowel perferation (had blockage from scar tissue from cancer removal) and they have given her a temp ileostomy until she heals up a bit.
Has anyone else had family/extended family members with a stoma at the same time as you?
One good thing about it all is I'm pretty open with my family about my experience so its nothing new for everyone. She seems to be taking it all in her stride.




No one else in my family has had to have a stoma. Although my mother had crohns from what we could tell, it was something else that got her in the end.

Does your gran have UC or Crohns then? Glad she is taking it in stride, hope she recovers well.


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No no-one in my family has had one and none are affected by any bowel disease, touchwood. Good for you and your gran to have someone to talk to about it all. All the best,
My Dad has the odd diverticulitis flare up - when he eats too many peanuts. No bag though - just lots of pain for him - poor old guy.
That's it. My parents are often apologetic about some of the wonky genes they passed on.
No she doesn't have IBD, she had a small section of her lower colon removed in November last year after she was diagnosed with early stages of bowel cancer.


I love you God.
hey!! I'm having my jpouch made tomorrow... How long did it take for you to get out of the hospital??
Hi Maria,

I was in hospital a week. I was still struggling a bit with nausea an vomiting but managed to talk the Docs into letting me go home. I have a few food intolerances so there isn't alot of food choices for me in hospital, I wanted to get out of there as soon as I could because i lose too much weight too quickly while Im there. (Plus the hospital I usually end up in is over an hour away from home/family etc.)
How has your surgery gone? Let me know how long it is before you get to escape from hospital!!