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Keep it light, keep it bright.

Hello, if you "suffer with your nerves" there are things you should do.
Always cross the road at a pedestrian crossing.
Avoid large noisy supermarkets full of screaming kids and endless queues.
Get a pet that matches your temperament and budget. Goldfish are nice and quiet.
Move away from the city, it will give you ulcers.
Surround yourself with wall art and plants.
Watch comedies, never scary movies.
Never criticise yourself or your looks.
Learn to budget and stick to it apart from Christmas and birthdays.
Ditch onions, garlic, tomatoes and vinegars.
Wear a pointy hat and a long cape.


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New York, USA
Dress to impress.....YOURSELF.....
Get involved with an on line group...or two.....be it a support group or hobby or whatever.....
Try to live in Balance - too much of one thing is never good.
Surround yourself with people that lift you up.
Never take the littlest things for granted.