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Keeping Immunosuppressant along with Humira?

Lady Organic

Staff member
Hey guys!

im currently on humira and im doing super well. My GI would like that I stop 6-MP in the near future. his main concern is the fact that I had issues with pre-cancerous cervical lesions a few years back which required laser intervention. He doesnt like it at all and would prefer I stop 6-mp.

As for me, I'd like to keep a bit of 6-mp because I feel this can give me more protections from humira undesirable frequent side effect such as skin lesions. I have a dry skin prone to skin disease (eczema and dermatitis of the scalp or some small spots on the face).

In your opinion, is a immuno-suppressant in combo with Humira interesting in preventing loss of response to Humira or in prevention of allergic reaction or side effect such as psoriatic eruptions?

I am not on humira, but I am on Remicade and was on 6mp. My doctor decided to do this combo for about 6 months and then we stopped the 6mp. I didn't notice any changes and everything has been great since. I have heard that an immunosuppressant along with a biologic can enhance your response and prevent antibodies. I am not so sure about allergic reactions or side effects.