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Keeping positive :hug:

It's an impossible task to keep positive all the time.

However, one thing that has got me through all the worst times is remembering that "there is always tomorrow". No matter how dreadful the day is, there is always hope that the next day won't be so bad. Even if it doesn't turn out to be so good, learning to focus ahead always has changed my outlook on life.

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 20 and tried to commit suicide soon after. I've been in and out of depression since I was 16 and now I'm suffering with anxiety. A real turning point for me came when I had cognitive therapy which helped to break my negative cycle of thinking that I'd gotten so used to.

I'm on Prednisone at present for my Crohn's and whilst I can't say it's doing wonders for my anxiety or mental health, I'm trying to think of the goals I want to achieve when I get through it. Goal-setting has been really important to me when I've been ill and I'd encourage anyone who's feeling low or anxious to try it. It will give you something to focus on and work toward for sure.

Make sure you have an outlet for everything going on in your mind. Even if you can't vent it to family or friends, share it on this forum and try keeping a diary. Keeping a diary every day is really useful-it helps to be able to go to bed with a clearer head instead of everything swimming around and preventing you from falling asleep. I'd also recommend drawing, painting, writing songs/poetry-anything to get those thoughts and feelings out.

I thought I could manage my mental illness all by myself but ultimately I ended up having a break down. I wish I wouldn't have kept everything locked in my mind but I was too ashamed and afraid of what people would think of me.

However, the brain is an organ just like any other in the body, and there's no shame in it being unwell. People have a tendency to say "pull yourself together" when it comes to mental health because they can't see it and therefore don't understand it. Never let anyone undermine what you're going through in your head..."those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter."

Ok, that's all really, just wanted to spread a little positivity :rosette2: keep strong. The quote I live by is written below. It's a Japanese proverb..."Fall down seven times, stand up eight". When you feel like your in despair and there's no light at all, trust that you'll find that something inside yourself to rise again. You don't even have to do anything, just look in the mirror and tell yourself "I'll get through this, I'm stronger than I know" and when you begin to have faith in that, you will break out of the darkness and into the light again! We humans have great strength in the face of adversity. Every single one of us, whether we believe it or not.


May you keep your strength, may you remain positive, may you continue to keep trying to stay well!!!

And when you get to my age....may you say...Fall down 20million times, get up 21milllion times!!!

Hugs back!


Thank you gorgeous man!
Keep smiling luv

I've been around mental illnesses all my life, (various family members) so know where you're at
jonnyb, you must be a battler. Having to contend with all that & Crohns which can drag you down into despair. All I can say is well done you for coming on here & telling us about it. Hope things improve for you.
Best Wishes
Hi Jonnyb,

Sounds like you've been through a lot!

I also think drawing and painting and general arty stuff helps a lot to get stuff out :)

Rachel x
Thanks guys :) i'm up and down on the prednisone at the moment but this must have been an 'up moment' and I just wanted to share some love, as cheesy as it sounds! Finding this forum has been such a blessing and i'm so thankful to be a part of it. Thanks so much :ghug:


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Hi, Jonny,

i think you have an incredibly good sense of balance and i think with all that you have to contend with its probably a bit of a godsend. crohns and steroids are bad enough, depression and schizophrenia are not what you deserve. but you are right, we get our livers and bloods checked for chemical imbalance, but few care to look at the brain. yes, many live with a mental health issue, but few understand the reality of it.

great you found the forum. i'm delighted with it too.

best wishes
Yay :) what a great post. It just made me generally happy to hear your positive thoughts. It's great that after all you've been through and what you're dealing with now, you are still staying strong. Crohn's is such a crappy illness and I'm lucky that it's the only one I've got. When I see people on here who deal with other illnesses too, I have such admiration for their strength and optimism. :hug:
Thanks so much for posting that Japanese proverb. My daughter who has Crohn's disease is very down in the dumps right now and she loves all things Japanese. Reading it cheered her up a little!
Hi Johnny, B.

You're amazing for your incredibly positive message. It cheered me up a little. Times are tough for me now, but you're right. Every time we fall, we have to get back up. Sometimes it's hard. But there are people out there that you can lean on, that try to help you back up. And with all that you have to weigh you down, you're still trying to help others. -hugs-
I've said it a million times... My boyfriend always tells me "Live your life, not your disease". If he only knew how many times I've had to remember that... and used it to keep going.