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Kefir ?? does it work ??

I have been reading a lot into probiotics but havent started it yet. recently saw this thread by david where people gave their opinions about probiotics. I searched the web and came to know about kefir. In my part of world it is not really known..but what I can understand from my research it is a healthy probiotic and helps in IBD..can someone tell more about it or anyone who has had good experience with it in crohns ? how do i get it ?
It's just like yougurt but easier to make (room temperature).
Many more species of bacteria (30 rather than 10??),
I used to eat with no problems (unlike yougurt) it but it is a slightly more effort to wash up than yougurt and a bit smellier but very nice to eat.
I make water kefir and avoid all dairy (except hard cheese) now.

the most extensive kefir site i've ever seen....
others worth a look....

to buy, google kefir and india....
eg http://www.olx.in/q/kefir/c-889
Hard to say, i was feeling pretty good while i was taking it so no adverse effects.
Definitely a strange feeling of wellbeing while i was taking it but that could have been anything.....
It is possible to use goat or sheep milk or even coconut water if cow's milk doesn't sit well.
Hi Sid, I used the yougourmet kefir starter but I am not really sure if it is exactly the same. People usually use crystals they have bought on the internet or recieved from a friend. The start is more like a powder. I also use coconut milk instead of real milk. It did get a little bit of that yogurt tangy taste though so I know there were some bacteria in there.

As for me, I think probiotics are really important. I have noticable improvement with them and so I try to take every day. I rotate between kefir, kombucha, saurkrat, yogurt and pills.

I can't say that the kefir was any better than the homemade yogurt.
Hi Jabo,

I am ineterested in giving probiotics a try after i git to see so many good responses. Although am in complete remission, still I want to go for it after I have read so many good reviews about it on the net. I want to start natural instead of pills thats why I want to go for Kefir, but the problem is at my place I dont get Kefir..I tried searching online but somehow I dont think I wil be able to get them. BTW Jabo can you tell me what strains of probiotics do you use when you use the probiotic pills.
The two exact strains that have been the most helpful are #1 Saccharomyces boulardii and #2 Lactobacillus acidophilus. I have tested about 15 kinds, many of them combos but this is the best for me.

You can order kefir grains from Amazon, but they often won't live through the shipping.

Saurkrat is fermented white cabbage and is another great fermented food to start with.
I have searched a lot and am unable to find Kefir in my place..there are few people who seem to have it here in India but those sites are either expired or dormant or the people ant be contacted. :( may be i'll try the otc probiotics and see.