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Hi all!
I’m Brittany. I was diagnosed with Crohns 8 years ago now. I have had a very mild case with a small stricture at the terminal ileum not requiring surgery.. have been on Humira 1xweek since 2016. A few times have needed steroids for a flare. Recently developed an anal fistula and am now starting Azathiorine and switching to either Remicade or Stellar from Humira .. my question is has anybody tried keto and had success with remission? I haven’t really given a strict diet since I’ve been diagnosed except while in a flare I do a low residue diet but other than that I have felt well enough to eat pretty much everything. I have a major sweet tooth and eat sweets everyday- and I mean like a whole package of Oreos or ice cream everyday. It’s gross!! I am a very petite girl 4’11 and 115 so I don’t need keto for weight loss but rather for just over all health and cutting out carbs completely. I know sugar is a hugeeeee inflammatory food and I wonder if I cut it out completely if I’ll feel better. I don’t know if I’m up for that challenge but I feel like I should give it my all and see what happens. Thoughts???

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Hi and welcome!
I have searched the litterature about Keto and Crohn's and I didnt find anything.
In the last 5 years or so, a lot of interest for diets research have been ongoing for IBD. Results are coming out slowly.
If you want to start with something not too difficult, I'd suggest the Mediterranian diet.

More strict could be something like IBD-AID diet you will find in my signature.
Good luck.


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Keto is close to SCD. SCD has been studied and used by GI’s to help with IBD. Maybe look at SCD, although I will warn you it is a bit labor intense at first figuring out how to cook without grains, dairy and such but if you take it slow it really isn’t that hard.