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Keyhole surgery for stricture in terminal ileum

Hi all, i am new here.

I was recently diagnosed with Crohns in May after suffering with general crohns symptoms and having two colonoscopys, one in Jan where a small fish bone was found and causing inflammation and one in May where i was diagnosed further.

In the most recent colonoscopy and MRI, it was discovered that i had a 3cm stricture which has caused me many issues over the past couple of months including loads of pain, bloating, reduced appetite and discomfort. After a accidental long course of prednisone (Horrible!), my doc referred me to a surgeon as they agreed that i would need keyhole resection surgery.

I just wanted some advise from anyone who has already had the surgery or know anything about it as my symptoms have definitely calmed down this month and i am in generally good health.

Do you think its worth doing the surgery at this early stage? & Do you know of any alternatives as i am not a fan of rushing into things.

Thanks in advance x
No one said anything about keyhole but i did have resection surgery seven years ago. Make sure your doctor monitors you. My surgeon said my condition had been that way for a while. My terminal ileum and a small part of my colon was removed.