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Kick the cigs club, anyone?

I know from another thread that there are a few of us who have recently or are planning to kick the habit. I want to stop again and, being in a remote area, could do with the support of some like minded people :)
I stopped in Jan 2010 and stupidly started again
around August of the same year. That's the longest quit I've managed since starting 30 years ago.
I think a place to come where we can share tips, experiences etc would really help.
In preparation, I'm going to grab a mat and sign up for David's yoga challenge :)
I'm in. I've managed to cut down from 15-20/day to 9/day. I'm using an app called Livestrong Quit Smoking. It helps me track how many I've had and tells me how many I get per day, based on a quit date of 12/1. I've been a smoker for 13 years, and have quit twice for a year at a time each. So frustrating to do so much work then throw it all away. Third time's a charm?
I've heard of Allan Carr, but not looked into it, but will now and the apps too. I had NRT and a counsellor, the second of which I found really good. She gave me a lot of tips, but best ones were about breaking the habit, which I found hard. Had a few attempts where I fell at the 3 week hurdle.
For example, I used to have a couple of coffees and a cig to get me going in the morning. I can't have coffee now, but have lapsed into tea and a fag! She told me to have water, or juice - anything but coffee to try to break the associations.
Think I will set my quit for the end of the pack that's in my handbag! Well done and stay strong, folks x
U have to mindfuck yourself and tell yourself you are a non smoker. If u smoke a pack a day then u spend an hr a day smoking. Find a new hobby or catch up on old projects. Start cooking more and eating less processed foods. Exercise more now that you have an extra 7 hours a week. The app helps as it's hypnosis.


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What a wonderful idea :)

In preparation, I'm going to grab a mat and sign up for David's yoga challenge :)
When I saw the thread, I thought to myself, "Man, the yoga thread might really help some of them but I don't want to push any of them there" but lo and behold, you already said it :hug: so I'm going to butt in and comment :) If any of this sounds like mumbo jumbo, please ignore me and I apologize for butting in and wish you guys all the best on your journey!

I've never smoked and I'm sure that everyone smokes for various reasons but I'd like to mention one thing I observe. People tend to self medicate in one way or another. Rather than deal with stress, trauma, or troublesome emotions, we push it down with various means of self medication. For me, that's fast food. I know I have something I need to deal with emotionally or something is stressing me if I get a craving to go to McDonald's. Others use alcohol. Others use cigarettes. Others use sex. There's a myriad of ways we avoid dealing and often we replace one for the other.

In the yoga thread, I made a placeholder post for Neurogenic Yoga which is a form of yoga that helps one deal with past trauma, serious stress, and pent up emotions. I haven't explained it yet because I want people to have a foundation in yoga first. Because frankly, dealing with these traumas and emotions as they rise is HARD and sometimes scary. It's much easier to run to McDonalds :) But I invite any of you interested to take part in the 30 day challenge (which will definitely help you) and then Neurogenic Yoga if you're so inclined. We'll get down deep and root out some stuff that causes us to seek out our means of self medication :)

*hugs* to you all!
Yea, you're right Johnny. And the weight gain is a big issue, so the healthy cooking and eating is a good distraction.
Otherwise we have a chunky, manic looking bunch around the forum who are quitting smoking, on Pred or ...God help them, both!
Thanks David xx I used to go to a yoga class before I moved back here and I miss it soooo much. The Nerogenic Yoga sounds very interesting. As an 'emotional' smoker ( according to counsellor questionnaire) it sounds right up my street.
When I'd go for my break at work, I'd always say that I was going out to do my "deep breathing exercise." For the longest time, one of my yoga practising co-workers found it truly impressive that I was so dedicated to my health. She was most disappointed in me when she found out that I was going out for a smoke.

So my quitting smoking regiment is going to have to include making sure that I don't have friends over who smoke. I fell over the nicotine wagon before I was barely out of the gates.

Grrr. Tomorrow, it's back to quitting again. Sigh.

I hear ya, Kismet. At my work we go out for a 'breath of fresh air'! Blowin a gale, p!??!#g down with rain, and we're still out there. The addiction aspect kinda hits home then.
Another pearl from the counsellor re: the freedom of choice argument.I have said in the past it's my choice to smoke or not: but just try stopping!
I really do want freedom from the little White stick.
I am a procrastinator, so everytime I had a craving I just told myself I could smoke tomorrow. I also told myself it wasnt forever, because forever is a long time, and that concept alone will defeat a person. I just made mini goals, 1 day, 3 days, a week, etc. I told myself I had the option to start anytime, but once you make it to a goal you dont want to.
That's why I quit. There are plenty of great reasons, but freedom from addiction is the best reason for me. To smoke something that barely does anything for you and to be so addicted is insane. At least opiates get u demonstrably high. Nicotine just kills u slowly and makes you act crazy and destabilizes one's mood for a negligable euphoria. At least the green weed does something and actually has benefits. Nicotine has benefits too. It's used as a potent insecticide. Ceremonially it can have its uses too like the Native Americans but it's difficult to use occasionally without getting hooked. I guess I'm an all or nothing type of guy. Day 12 nicotine free!!!
Hi, Iam a week in of not smoking, I was told at my last hospital appointment I can either carry on smoking and have fistula's all my life, or quit and help to heal them, along with meds. I was given a bit of a lecture but I think thats what I needed to hear from a professional. when I get a slight crave I just think about that lecture and it soon passes!

I started with Nicotine patches and seem to be doing ok. have now started a low strength one today. I think it would be a good idea to have a place to go to get support from each other Bev x
I recently decided to quit smoking due to health reasons (duuuhhh.)
My dr put me on wellbutrin.. I haven't started it yet, becuase it has some interactions with my other medications. Has anyone else tried medication to quit? I'm definitely ready to stop, but I'm not sure my body is. Plus, I think I've seen wellbutrin on those commercials about law firms trying to get people to sue the pharmaceutical companies.. "Did you, or a loved one, take *this medication* and end up with bladder/lung/bowel/ear cancer? If so, call our law firm. You could be entitled to compensation."
try the quit smoking app by max kirsten and read The Easy Way To Stop Smoking. I know, too good to be true. But the people who are really taking your $$$ are the nicotine replacement companies and the pharmaceutical companies. the app costs $7 and the book is barely more. The big scam is that it is so hard. They put out the propaganda that it is so hard to quit. It's not that bad if you have some helpful tips and hypnotherapy application that is like anti-propaganda to reverse the damage.

What a revolutionary statement that it's actually easy to quit physically and mentally. What's harder is dealing with anger or other emotions instead of reaching for a cigarette. Also you gain an extra hour a day you have to do something with, and the extra energy from not poisoning your lungs. you can do it 25Times!!!! You can do it! quit giving them your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Hi, Iam a week in of not smoking, I was told at my last hospital appointment I can either carry on smoking and have fistula's all my life, or quit and help to heal them, along with meds. I was given a bit of a lecture but I think thats what I needed to hear from a professional. when I get a slight crave I just think about that lecture and it soon passes!

I started with Nicotine patches and seem to be doing ok. have now started a low strength one today. I think it would be a good idea to have a place to go to get support from each other Bev x
Wow, really?!!! that's amazing. i hope quitting smoking cures my abscesses fistulas, whatever they are.
A surgeon, my GI and the IBD nurse all mentioned the importance of stopping. Then I read somewhere that it can make you resistant to Infliximab. So with the cost of the fags and the cost of the drug, I am wasting an awful, awful lot of money.
No kidding! I figure, $7 a pack, 7 days a week. OMG! That's more then I paid for my first car! (no joke, I paid like $200 for my first car). I quit along with my baby sister last week. Y'all can say what you want, it sucks right out loud. But, like going to the OBGYN, it must be done!
Good luck everyone. Check out David's yoga thread if you can. I like it.


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I am not a smoker, but I am getting good ideas from you all. I am encouraging Scott to quit smoking. It ultimately needs to come from within himself, but I can be encouraging.
I am in! I have quit twice before. Once for a yr and the second time for 2.5 yrs. Why I picked them up again! I have been trying to quit for the last couple of months and smoke a couple late night cigarettes and a little more on the weekend. I just wish my hubby would quit too!


I just want to say that I am so proud of all of you!!! This is an amazing feat and you're all capable of success! :hug:

My sister tells everyone about the electronic cig that uses just water vapor, but still gives you the fix you're looking for. She says it's a little pricey to purchase one, but saves you a whole lotta moola (and your life) in the long run...

I hope you all find something that works for you.

Good luck, everyone, and keep pressing forward! :D
I still haven't started stopping, if you see what I mean. I'm in a new job, in a new field for me and I'm a bit worried about a) the concentration issues and b) either bursting into tears or biting someone's head off.
Hellllllllpppp! :ybatty::(
Cutting back hasn't been difficult at all. There are times when I want a smoke break, but I can tell myself 'only x hours until my next break.' I haven't had any mood issues (which is saying a lot for me!). I may panic when I smoke that last cig on 11/30, but for now, counting down to my next one is working out fine. I've gone from 15-18/day to 5/day.
I've fell off the wagon again! The best I can hope for is cutting down like chrisnsteph1022, stopping cold turkey is too hard especially when in social situations or having a few drinks with friends.

I know I can do this. If there was one positive of this ailment it's that it has made me mentally stronger than I could ever imagine.

Arrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!! I'm going to do this!!!!

Just wanted to pop in and offer support...I will be smoke free 6 years in April and it was SOOOO tough to quit (I was a 10 year 2 pack a day smoker). It was the best thing I ever did...you can do it!!! (Oh, and if you fall off the wagon...hop right back on...I "quit" 10 times before I quit lol!)
I had a lot of people tell me they quit 'just like that,' literally overnight. But the counsellor told me most people manage after a few failed attempts. Told me not to beat myself up and see them not as fails, but trial runs for the real thing.
Falling off the wagon must travel because the *bleeping* jerk showed up here too! My husband (who has never smoked anything a day in his life) has been very supportive. He asked me to apply the AA rules...one day (or even one minute) at a time. Hell, I've tried worse!

Tomorrow is another day; I get to try again, right?
The wagon just blew by me here and threw me off, too. Sigh. I hate playing the quitting game. But, as you say, Michele, tomorrow is another day. My next quit day is Monday and I'm going to spend the next few days trying to mentally prep myself again.

Good luck to all of you...

I have been able to not smoke all day, but the late night smoke or 2 I just can't give up yet. But I keep trying hoping eventually it will stick. I heard it takes an average of 7 tries before someone can quit for good. I am very close to the average!
We altered our plan a bit. We're going to stay at the 5-6/day mark today and tomorrow, then quit on Sunday. Dragging it out like this is torturous. So, in two days, I'll be a non-smoker!
Well done to you all. You are doing a great thing and in the long run you will be so happy you did.
It is tough but if you take 1 day/hour/minute at a time you can do it.
I quit, for the last time, 13 years ago. Before the patches and support groups and phone apps and it was the hardest thing I have ever done.
My tips: watch what you eat - exercise, if you can - drink plenty of fluids.
Keep your chins up peeps, you can do it.
Sharon xxxxx


I had quit about ten times before I finally quit for good. The trick? Get a really, really bad case of bronchitis where it feels like you have an anvil on your chest and you can't breath. Pretend you have emphysema.

When you are finally able to breathe again after 8 weeks, you will not even be able to fathom the thought of putting a cigarette to your lips.

4 1/2 years and I don't miss it one bit!

Good luck everyone!!! - Amy
Im still not smoking, but at times its been really really hard, not missing the cigarettes but feeling really edgy feel like i want to stand in a field and scream! its the only way to explain the feeling. Have had my anxiety tablets put up an extra gram hopefully it will help Bev x
So far so good! It's been 13 hours since my last cig. I'm a little antsy, but I keep reminding myself of the points I read in the Allen Carr book. It was helpful. I also went and stood outside for a couple minutes because the real 'need' I was having was to get out of the house and get some air. I didn't need a cig.
I just want to say that I am so proud of all of you!!! This is an amazing feat and you're all capable of success! :hug:

My sister tells everyone about the electronic cig that uses just water vapor, but still gives you the fix you're looking for. She says it's a little pricey to purchase one, but saves you a whole lotta moola (and your life) in the long run...

I hope you all find something that works for you.

Good luck, everyone, and keep pressing forward! :D
Ugh I don't think those are very healthy. Made my friend sick. Nicotine withdrawal is made worse by cig companies who also sell nicotine replacement products and don't want you to quit.
That's good going :) Don't stop stopping! It's just a blip.
Having fallen into the usual procrastinations since starting the thread, I have set my quit date for tomorrow. Downloaded the Nicorette app for my phone. Going to try it without the NRT this time and see how it goes.
Don't give up - 18 hours is brilliant.
Have you got a treat lined up for the money you'll be saving? Internet window shopping is a good distraction when the cravings strike xxx
I'm really struggling today at work. I managed to make the 50-minute drive in without one, but every time my friend goes on a smoke break, I'm dying! I even went with her to give myself a break, but didn't smoke.

I'm finding myself trying to justify having just one. Or one now and one after dinner tonight.
Yeah, I think I'll find Wednesday hard when I go back to work on Wednesday. But you did so well going out for the break and not smoking. Try not to listen to the nicotine. It's evil and insidious.
Maybe go for for a walk after dinner? Or go to bed-lol!


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I quit a couple months ago. What helps me each time I decide to quit (ya its not my first time) is decide to save my money for something more important (easier when you're low income imo) and find something else to do to put in place of your smoking. Exercise would be great but was never something I could stick to unfortunately so I play games more often (either PC or console). Cutting down never worked for me. I can only do it cold turkey otherwise I keep talking myself into smoking more (bad day, I deserve it, just one more day, ect.).

Good luck all! :D


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i will join you soon. i managed 18 months before now, but took up smoking again cos my crohns was so bad! the stench up my nose was horrific having smoked just two, but, of course, i persisted cos i remembered how much i loved, and leaned on, my ciggies.

i actually had no intention of giving up but the bloke who sold me cheap tobacco was out, so i waited. i sincerely can't believe it but i waited 18 months. i had no plan whatsoever to give up, but it happened. i think i took it 1 hour at a time and told myself i can smoke if i want.

unfortunately, my circumstances are dire at the moment. i just bought 7 packets of tobacco, so unless i want to give them as stocking fillers i'll just have to smoke them, lol. but my dad died sunday, of cancer, and we have a lot of sorting to do. my mind is also doing a lot of sorting with the memories too. just happens, cried a lot too. probably will yet. my sister also is having chemo, and i'm hopeful she lives. worried though, and i'm in big trouble with dwp. the bugga's. so waiting to know if i go to court!

with all this, i think i need to smoke as much as i can, but perhaps that will put me off!

good luck to all you trying and perhaps in the new year life will have calmed down and i can make a renewed effort as it seems to be nhs policy to lecture every patient. i dread it every six weeks, lol.,
Just wanted to pop in and say... Well done for all the progress you've made!

I have been a non smoker for 6 months now. The 6 months preceding that I drastically cut down (from about 10 a day to a couple a week in social situations). My boyfriend has been smoke free for almost as long- he used an electronic cigarette. It might not be healthy, but surely it can't be worse than smoking??

The big differences for me (why this attempt was successful where I had failed before) were
a) not trying to quit alongside my boyfriend. Before, we had done it together for support, but inevitably when my boyfriend fell off the wagon I would follow.
B) trying to 'drastically cut down' first rather than quit. It means that if you do have a cigarette, you haven't failed, you just have something to aim for the next week.

I am finally at the stage where I don't miss cigarettes. When I am around someone who is smoking my gut reaction isn't 'I want one!' but 'eww that stinks' and I have to admit it feels good :)


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I'm still between "I want one" and "eww that stinks." As long as I'm not buying them (and not bumming off of random strangers), I consider it a success. :p So far I've stayed away from drinking alcohol while I'm quitting cause I know I'll just buy a pack.
Well, I just can't seem to give them up. I have been on Chantix off and on for the last year. So I have decided to give up on the Chantix and ordered an e-cigarette. My husband is also going to switch to the e-cigarette. I figure at least I will be giving up all the additives in cigarettes and hopefully wean myself off the nicotine.

Kudos to all who have quit and those who keep trying!
You'll have to keep us posted about how you get on with it. I didn't last more than a day. Very stressed at work ( I know...excuses, excuses ) I'm on holiday for two weeks from Wednesday, so will be back to the drawingboard then.
Day 2 no cigs. I was not enjoying them lately with the permacough and all. I have a upper respiratory infection which makes it easier. We make excuses and buy into the propaganda that we need nicotine replacement therapy. That is propaganda. It's not that hard. You are doing less by not smoking just get a hobby and start exercising!!! E cig, lol. U gotta be kidding me those made my friend and I sick. Just do it! Look at pictures and stories of cancer and emphysema. Find something to live for and learn how to deal with emotions instead of smoking. Quit making excuses and half measures. You won't die. Just quit for a week and if u don't like it start again.
2 things that helped immensely in the past to quit for at least a year or longer with few if any withdrawal symptoms was Alex Carr's Quit Smoking Now book and Max Kirsten's Quit Smoking Now phone app (subliminal). Together yet cost the same as 3 packs of smokes. To your health!
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I know this threads from last month but is anyone trying to stop smoking at the moment?

I think I have enough tobacco left for two more cigs and then I am quitting (IBD nurse is making me!).

I have been smoking for about 5/6 years, I tried to quit in the summer with one of those inhaler things but it tasted gross so this time I am going cold turkey...wish me luck! x
Good luck Rachel! I'm still smoking. However, I started Chantix on Saturday, so my quit date is this Saturday. I'm going to make it work this time!
Im going to have to join this group lol I've smoked for around 11 years I actually went on champix (chanted) for u guys os.. But I stopped taking them about day6 as I had too many side effects so im either going on patches or just cut down.
Day 3 cold turkey. Eating definitely helps. The side effects portion of the Chantix commercial lasted longer than the pitch so I decided against it. First 3 days are worst and then the first 3 weeks. It's all downhill after that. 2 things that helped were Alex Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking and Max kirstens Quit Smoking Now Hypnotherapy app that I'm going to listen to today.
good one johnnyo!

Grumbletum, I have really surprised myself to be honest (and I'm sure this will all go wrong as soon as I have a drink in my hand...) x
Noooooooooo, Rachel. Positive thinking. You'll be fine. And if you do have a mini-blip, don't let it throw you off course.

(......says she who is having to set yet another quit date :-( )
I had ONE on Saturday, then 5 on Sunday. I've only had one today, but will probably have one tonight when I get home. I'm on the fence. I either need to completely quit or stop taking the Chantix and buy a carton. I don't think it's dangerous to do both, but it makes no sense. I want to be a non-smoker, but I don't want to go through the quitting process. The thought makes me panicky. I get so frustrated with myself every time I fail, but it's like I can't imagine my life without smoking. Ugh. Really struggling today.
Quit chantix and cigs. Just do it. The withdrawal on lasts a few days the rest is in your head! You can do it! Everything else is just an excuse! You can do it just make up your mind.

PS Chantix has a laundry list of terrible psychological side effects . Remember the FDA approved Vioxx causing 35,000 fatal heart attacks.
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I DID IT!!! I was having 1-2/day for 12 days, then I quit completely on 2/7. Two days smoke free and I feel great! I'm on Chantix and it's helping SO much. I'm not even craving them. I was only having 1-2/day because I had a hard time letting go, but I wasn't enjoying them. I finally said, "This is stupid. I'm done." And I'm never going back.
:rosette1:I decided over two years ago when i started to get ill that I was going stop smoking for health reasons as a doc told me about reduced oxygen in the blood and lots of other things that could be making me ill. Now i smoked 20 - 30 a day and did enjoy smoking.
I was advised to use patches and go for the strongest 21mg. But instead of moving to a lighter patch after two weeks I was told to cut the patch in half, this way I was gettin the same hit for less time ?. As the weeks went on I continued cutting the patch in half until there was nothing left. By this time I was forgetting about the patch as it sometimes fell off , I wont say it was entirely pain free but it worked i I am a none smoker now two years.
I never looked as good and felt as bad !
I've made it a week! The Chantix runs out on Friday, so I'm hoping the addiction is gone. I don't crave them now, but I'm not sure how much of that is Chantix.
Just popping in to see how people are, seems like people are progressing, I myself have went a full day without a smoke and I'm looking forward to being smoke free! I wonder how I far I'll make it come the weekend when I'm with friends and have a few drinks.

I'm defo going to do this and I'm excited, what have I got to lose? :D
It feels great! I did want one on the ride home today when I had to detour due to a closed road and got lost, but I made it home without one. Driving stresses me out.
Yes, they contain nicotine, but not all the tar and crap in cigarettes. Healthier not to smoke at all, but eCigs seem healthier than real ones.
Ugh. I tried one a few months ago and almost puked. Made my friend sick too. Nicotine replacement therapy is a scam by the cig makers. They probably make more money off nicorette than cigs. I used to buy the nicotine gum. It's a nicotine addiction that keeps us smoking. Just saying. Also, ALex Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking helped me a few years back as well as Max Kirsten's Stop Smoking Now App. This last time i did it cold turkey with no help. Good Luck Non Smokers!!!! I've been Nicotine Free since January 21st.
Proud of everyone who is already trying! And hugs! I am wanting to try myself, have been smoking way too long, damn peer pressure in early teens. I, too, am embarrassed to be "addicted" to them, and society makes us feel like criminals anymore. Want to try David's yoga suggestion, but wow, imagine that can be very emotional, wonder what I might uncover. For me, it's definately a hand/mouth thing too, (yes, I 've heard all the typical male comments to this, lol!) I sucked my thumb ferociously as an infant and child, then bit my nails with the same passion, and didn't quit the biting until I picked up cigs. Did start Welbutrin once, and it did seem to help me want to cut down, but got sidetracked with my mom getting ill with lung cancer, trying to help take care of her, etc till her passing. She was one of 7 kids, and all 7 and both parents have died of some form of cancer, with exception of one, who had cancer but was diagnosed early. She made me promise to break the cycle after her.
Anyone else's IBD getting worse after quitting? I'm not doing so well the last week and i quit 5 weeks ago. I've been in remission since June and went off all meds in November. :-/.
Anyone else's IBD getting worse after quitting? I'm not doing so well the last week and i quit 5 weeks ago. I've been in remission since June and went off all meds in November. :-/.
Hi Johnny,

I've felt like mine has been getting worse (I am waiting for surgery at the moment though so could just naturally be going downhill) but I have felt worse and my pain is definitely a lot more severe since I stopped smoking...or just a coincidence? x
Hey, how is everybody doing? I have been such a good role model since suggesting the club................NOT!!
But I'm back, in hospital recovering from resection surgery and having a few lightbulb moments in the process.
The first, I guess, is that having to go outside to smoke with the others in gowns, in chairs, hooked up to things. I haven't had one now since Friday, day of the op, and yesterday I was having bad cravings. Tbh, the only thing that stopped me was the idea of having to get dressed and go downstairs with my catheter bag. Made me feel really angry and sad at how strong my addiction is :-(
Getting a chest infection too has put things into perspective. Having to be on oxygen and a nebuliser, coughing, hawking and spitting up the disgusting trash from my lungs. I'm sorry to be so graphic. But it reminded me of a friend I used to work with who had her sick mum come to stay. She got very upset one day and told me if I saw her mum, it might make me think again. Her mum had emphysema and had to have the mask, oxygen etc all the time. Debs was upset cos she said when she saw me and other friends smoking, it was like watching and waiting for us to descend into what her mum had become.


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Ya the addiction part is rough. I believe when I first posted in here I had quit already (I think, didn't go back and check) yet coming back as one of my grandpa's caregivers (quit for like a month at most) its really hard not to get back into it. At first you're like, "I'll just have a few," then you think. "well finishing the pack isn't such a horrible thing," yet by then some other bullshit happens and you feel like you deserve one and that's how the addiction process starts all over again (for me anyway). Its not like I don't need the money for other stuff yet I talk myself into smoking EASILY every time. "Oh just one wont kill me," or "I deserve something to help me relax and don't want to switch to my pain meds for that relaxed feeling so smoking is better than a pain med addiction..." The list of excuses and ways to talk yourself back into it are endless.

It's like I forgot how to quit and quite frankly have lost the desire to. Since I just got married now I'm thinking that eventually I'll have a couple kids and will quit then. I was supposed to quit when I turned 30 (which was in April) so now its like, "well I'm still 30 so I got some time before 31." My God my excuses are retarded. :p

Edit: Ya I had quit on page 2. Oh well!
So sorry for ranting on. I have long days in hospital to dwell on all this and am writing it down cos I know when I'm out and home and back into the old routines, I have a real battle on my hands so really want to hold these thoughts.
My Crohn's has proved to be pretty med resistant so far and I know for a fact that smoking could be a factor in this.
Yea, for me too Crabby. Mine was always gonna be when my life gets less stressful, but I can always find something stressful! I know I can't cut down and quit either. Has to be all or nothing.


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If it makes you feel any better, which it may not, every time I quit smoking my symptoms didn't change. Obviously that doesn't mean its not bad for people in general. :p