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Kids say the funniest things

kids say the funniest things

So Im at the hospital with my son and daughter. For a little background info, my daughter frequents this hospital regularly for her crohn's. She knows all the ins and outs and is proabally more comfortable there than at home. My son needs to go only every couple of years because he has a brain trauma. This is one of those visits where we were there for my son. So we finally get into the waiting room and my daughter just casually goes over to the corner of the room and starts playing her ds, ignoring everything else. The doctor comes in. He has never met my daughter before and has no idea about her situation. So the long appointment goes on...for over an hour...only talking to my son and myself while my daughter just plays on her game. At the end of it all the doctor looks over at my eight year old daughter and says..."You have done such a good job being so quiet over there I didn't even know you were here" Where my daughter promptly replied.." That was the point...I was just so happy no one was sticking anything up my butt that I thought I just stay quiet!" I thought the doctor was going to fall of his chair. I then quickly retorted that he did not need to call children's aid and it was normal for people to be sticking things up her butt!
Kids make me laugh.....:shantel: