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Kimchi for mild nausea


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Anybody else tried this? I have a friend who recently went through a really rough pregnancy, and one day while she was still pregnant we were talking about nausea. My friend is Korean-American, and she really enjoys Korean food. She said that she discovered that if she was just a little bit nauseous, not terribly nauseous, that eating a bit of spicy food such as kimchi would actually help her feel better. I was skeptical but I've been trying it, and lo and behold, it seems to actually work for me too! I've had some nausea today, not awful nausea but definitely noticeable, so I'm having some kimchi right now and I'm actually feeling better already. I'm not sure why, it seems so odd - I know certain spices have anti-inflammatory properties, and kimchi is a fermented food so that has some health benefits too, but usually cabbage and spices aren't that safe for me and I don't really know what exactly about it is helping my nausea. At any rate, I wanted to share that! I don't want to make anybody barf or feel worse, so try it at your own risk and remember that we're all a little different so what works for me might not work for you.


I've not heard of kimchi, but ginger is a spice which helps nausea, is it similar in any way? And try some really strong gingerbread if you'd like another anti-nausea spice. For some people it helps with diarrhoea too.