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Klean prep/colonoscopy

Today I've been drinking klean prep for my colonoscopy tomorrow morning,I've drank 3 and a bit litres of the 4 I am supposed to but I fee horrid and sick.My bowel motions are like water and I'm wondering if I will get away with just drinking the 3 and a bit litres or will I have to finish the 4 litres?
I would try and force it down even though it's absolutely minging,I,m gonna have a major problem soon as I can,t touch the slop though I am aware of something called pick-lax which is less to take.the one consolation is the procedure is easy the prep is horrible.good luck


Staff member
If you are running clear (out put is the same colour as input) then you dont need to drink any more prep but otherwise its best to try and finish the full dose. I know its difficult, klean prep is horrid, but its better than having them cancel the scope because you aren't clean enough and making you go through the whole thing again.
Try and drink as much as you can. But it is really horrible stuff. I now drink the pico salax and its great. So much easier.
Glad you got on okay. I found the KP vile also and for any future scopes will refuse point blank to take it again. They will have to give me picolax or something else! I'd rather starve for a week while sitting at a banquet table watching others eat than have that again!