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Kleen Prep... cannot drink it

Hi all!
Feeling very mad at myself and upset. Due a colonoscopy at 9am tomorrow, starting drinking my Kleen prep earlier today, managed Just under 2 litres and cannot physically drink anymore. I’ve been sick twice. Haven’t had a bowel movement yet so looking like I’ll have to cancel my appointment and rearrange. Not sure what to do about bowel prep next time? I can’t go through this again!


Keep pushing clear liquids, sometimes it takes a while for the prep to start working. Did you have a clear liquid diet today, and a light diet the day before?

I wouldn't cancel yet.....
Hi Lisa. Yeah I’ve been had very little to eat today and done the low impact diet for previous 3 days. Had 2 litres of Kleen prep, no bowel movement after almost 4 hours. Been sick twice. Cannot physically drink anymore of it.
My letter says to call the hospital if I have any problems but they all went home at 6pm.
They said they wouldn’t do the procedure if I hadn’t drank all 4 litres.


How did things go overnight? I never finish the entire prep - as long as things are clear I'm good.....best of luck!
I realise too late to help,but I chill it for a few hours and use drinking straws to get it past the taste buds.Please let us know how you got on today.
I also realise I'm way too late but for anyone else with the same problem: I mix a sachet with a little water and once it's all mixed up I add cold pineapple juice. I really makes a world of difference, I can almost drink it without pinching my nose and I don't throw it all up the next minute either.

Also I've never needed to drink all 4 litres, 3 is usually enough to run clear.

Please let us know how you got on, if you need to do it all over again please use the pineapple juice, it really really works.