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Konjac-is it safe for Crohnnies?

I heard Dr. Oz talk about Konjac as a good fiber source. I have altrnating diarrhea and constipation with Crohn's, but most fiber causes issues.

Has anyone tried Konjac? What do you think of this supplement?
Me too

I am interested int his as well. I purchased some and started to take it and am actually feeling better, only 2 days in mind you. I mainly have diarrhea, do not ever get constipated and it says that this helps with constipation but also helps pass stool etc.
From wikipedia
".....Konjac has almost 0 calories but is very high in fiber. Thus, it is often used as a diet food. It can also be used for facial massage accessories which are currently popular in Korea....."
Well, I started taking it about a week ago and it seems to working great. I have not been following any instructions, as the first time I took 2 and that was not good, it made me feel way to full. I started with the Lipozene, that was where I first found the Knojac root, but have ince found it at a helth food store. The Lipozene is 1500mg and taking 2 a day seems to work great, but I am not taking them half an hour before meals, I am taking htem just after, or while I eat my breakfast/lunch or dinner. I tend to take them if I feel a bout of Diarreah coming on as well, so they get taken earlier. The Konjoc root says that it helps with constipation so I was worried about it, but it is doing the exact opposite for me. I am down to 2-3 times going to the bathroom without diarreah and not in a hurry like before, compared to running 10-30 times a day before depending on the day.
So far so good, I will keep you updated.
I don't know about the supplements as far as how much fiber they have and how it would affect someone... but, I do eat konnyaku noodles and never had any problems. Maybe try a big bowl of noodles first before buying a bottle of supplements?? :)
I tried the miracle noodles yesterday for the first time and they were amazing. Not so amazing today. I’ve been in the bathroom for the better part of the last two hours and they have been expelled intact 😷