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L-Glutamine & Humira

Anybody know if there are any issues taking these together, didn't think to ask the gi when I was there, go figure.


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I think my brain just blew up whilst trying to learn about what L-Glutamine is by reading the info from wikipedia. Protein powder of sorts I'm assuming? When reading about Humira it doesn't mention any ingested foods etc. Someone else may chime in as I've never had either. You could always call the GI office and have your doctor get back to you or ask their nurse.

What to Avoid While on Humira
Avoid interacting with people suffering from contagious diseases. If you develop any infection, call your doctor immediately. Do not get a “live” vaccine. Avoid injecting the medication into bruised, tender, red or hard skin areas. http://www.drugalert.org/humira
It's an amino acid which helps with immune function, intestinal mucosa etc etc, oh goodie, now my head hurts too. Way too late to think meds. I bought some in capsule form today but I figured I'd try to get some first hand info before I go swallowing yet another pill. If all else fails I will call the Dr.
Thanks Crabby
I've used it for 3/4 months with Humira now, no troubles, although possibly more gas. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have helped too much so I've stopped buying it.
that seems to be the general consenses, no noticeable difference. I'll give it a go and see what happens, can't hurt.
Well, since i'm a go big or go home kinda gal, i started with 3 pills 3x daily. Until four days ago. I developed really itchy, puffy skin on the backs of my hands and since I know the glutamine is the only thing new I backed off to two per day, hands went back to normal. Yipee. I can eat sugar without itching or pain, yeast issues are diminished, and as for anything else I guess I will have to wait for blood work to see any changes. I'm really happy about the sugar thing - I Love chocolate and even the 60% has sugar.