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Lab Results Indicate UC- HELP!

Hi, all. I have been going to a GI for years now and just recently got some new tests done and am confused by the results. Hoping you can help!

I had the Prometheus test done and it indicates UC. It also says My AutoAntibody ELISA is 34.2 EU/ml and the normal range is <19.8 EU/ml. What does this mean/indicate? My IFA Perinuclear Pattern was NOT DETECTED and the DNAse Sensitivity was NOT DETECTED.

My STAT 3, NKX2-3, ECM1, and ATG16L1 all show variant DETECTED. THe reference genotype says Variant not detected for three of them but Variant DETECTED for STAT 3. MY ICAM 1 came back at 0.43 ug/ml, VCAM-1 at 0.47 ug/ml.My hematocrit and hemoglobin were both HIGH and my C-reactive rote in was <0.5 MG/DL.

My colonoscopy indicated I had some abnormalities such as rare crypt abscesses, cryptitis, scalloped folds/edges.

Im confused and hoping someone can help!

Lady Organic

Staff member
did the GI said UC after the colonoscopy?

abnormalities in biopsies is not good.

when are you going to talk to your medical team next?

did they prescribe a treatment?
I talk to my local GI tomorrow. The GI who did the colonoscopy was at Hopkins and I read the report which had all the things I mentioned above and I assumed that wasn't a good sign but the GI at Hopkins said it meant "nothing specific". Therefore, she did not feel I needed treatment.

Lady Organic

Staff member
will your local GI perform colonoscopy as well or a rectoscopy?

have you ever done a Fecal calprotectine test? This is a simple stool test that can help orient a diagnosis and know if there is inflammation in the colon.

were these abnomalities seen only in biopsies? so when the GI looked at your colon everything looked fine? do you know where these were located (what part of colon?)

Hopkins is a top hospital i believe? so they may be a good reference/opinion.

let us know how it goes tomorrow, good luck.
I have not done the Fecal test because I was told by Hopkins it was useless and unnecessary and would provide nothing helpful.

The abnormalities were seen on biopsies. THe hopkins GI literally said before she knocked me out that she was expecting nothing to come from the coonoscopy and would be very surprised if anything came back abnormal. Id have to look at my report to refresh my memory.

Lady Organic

Staff member
i have seen a few times people on the forum reporting ''non-specific lesions in terminal ileum'' or something similar. and GI saying it was due to the laxative preparation of the colonoscopy. could this be?

I would trust the GI you dont have UC at this time. Colonoscopy and biopsy is the gold standard test to diagnose UC, crohns colitis and indeterminate colitis. GI will take these tests before any other test to build their opinion.

Fecal calprotectine is an non expensive, good and easy tool you could try in the future if your symptoms persist imo.

let us know how your appointment goes today.

what are you symtoms btw?