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Lactose Free

Lynda Lynda

My GI Doctor at the Hospital has me on a lactose free regular diet. I'm doing research on lactose free foods. Is dairy free the same as lactose free ? I have not been diagnosed as lactose intolerant. Some labels say " likely" to be lactose free. Also, Is whey considered "dairy."

my little penguin

Staff member
Lactose free is not the same as “dairy “ or milk
All labels in the US have to have the words for the top eight allergens somewhere on it in plain English
This means the word -MILK
my oldest nine ibd kiddo is severely lactose intolerant
So anything with milk on the label is easy to avoid lactose
Hidden sources of lactose would be things like salt /vinegar chips
Some lunch meats or pepperoni
Creamed soups
Most Sweet baked goods have milk
Oreos are free of milk ;)
Some spaghetti sauce if it has cheese

some cheeses are naturally lactose free (think hard cheeses-soft cheese tends to have lactose still )