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Lactose intolerant with a stoma unable to swallow!

Well as the title suggests.
I have recently had my colon removed(feb) temporary stoma formed(Ozzie).
2 weeks post op started having problems with swallowing. Originally told it was oral thrush. Had 2 months of treatments for that to no effect.
It did eventually right itself bbut not that i could eat everything. Dry foods even with water was difficult.
May 9th ggot re hospitalized for rectal stump flare and also unable to swallow again. Have now lost half a stone in weight.
Also then discovered I am lactose intollerant on top of it all.
I am living on fresubin drinks, soya milk/yogurts/desserts, lactofree milk, some crisps and very limited soup selection, which I have to puree.
It is getting more difficult to swallow even fluids some days and i am waiting for a barium swallow test.
They wont do an endoscopy as I am on warfarin.
I can't tolerate any fruit or veg, sweet potato is ok, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what I can have.
I dont want to go back into hospital but don't want to lose any more weight this way. Have already lost 2 1/2 stone since February.
Many thanks for reading and any advice/suggestions
Hi Shazz,
I'm thinking maybe scrambled eggs?
Keep up the Fresubin drinks and electrolyte drinks...obviously the swallowing difficulty needs to be corrected in order for you to eat better.
What is the nature of your swallowing issues if I may ask? Is it painful, is there swelling, or is it a muscle/nerve dysfunction?

Good luck, and remember to relax (whenever possible.)
Can you tolerate pureed fruit/veg like baby food carrots and pear, perhaps applesauce or mashed bananas.

In Canada we have Silken Tofu, http://www.morinu.com, that can be pureed with anything and after a few hours in the fridge it will set into a custard-like texture. I add it to pureed fruits/veg and heat it (gently) for a thicker soup. I also add it to melted dairy-free dark chocolate for a yummy pudding.

Fresh coconut milk items should be Ok as well--yogurt, frozen desserts, and frozen bars.

Canned coconut milk can be added to foods and pureed to the right texture.

How about poached and mashed fish? Thin it with heated non-dairy milk or canned coconut milk.

Rice, quinoa, amaranth, and millet cooked in lots of extra water for a long time so that it just needs to be lightly chewed before swallowing.

Pureed, overcooked rice pasta mixed with melted non-dairy cheese.

Try thinking about pre-toddler food, and what people eat when they get their wisdom teeth out.

These are some of the things I used when I started to eat again after EN and when looking after both my kids when they got their teeth out.

Good luck.
Thank you so much for all the ideas! :hug:

I have pain and discomfort on swallowing. Feels like there is something blocking my throat. Also when food hits further down it really hurts. Could be when it hits my stomach, not sure.
My throat is not sore to swallow but just does not feel right. I get pain more lower down as well. As whatever it is going down passess.

Currently I can get down dairy free yogurt but nothing thicker than that. I did manage some rice pudding that i made yesterday with lactofree milk but it was a battle.

I am waiting for a barium swallow appointment to try to see what is going on. This should be sometime this week but i wont hold my breath!

How annoying! That sort of dysphagia is often associated with G.E.R.D., and can resolve itself when the reflux issues are treated. (Sometimes meds can cause irritation too - and stopping them briefly may give relief.)
Might sound strange but sometimes acupuncture is useful with these cases, if no organic issue is found.
All the best with the tests, and the eating...and the relaxing.


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New York, USA
My mother is having swallowing difficulties right now, in fact she has chocked multiple times on things as small as a pill!.....She was able to have a scope done, and while the doc that did it was a TOTAL A-HOLE (kept on about her GERD and NEVER mentioned the stricture he found!!!)......

Anywho - she now has to go see a new doctor about getting the sricture taken care of....she is pretty ok with soft foods, but anything that is hard gets stuck - and even drinking a glass of water makes her feel full until that too passes.....

Hope you get things sorted out soon!
I feel full all the time. And bloated.
sadly am back inn hospital but I do have a scope scheduled for tomorrow.

fingers crossed
Aw Shazz, So sorry to hear that the nightmare continues. May the scope give you the answers and treatment help that you so desperately need. :hug:
Thank you happy. Bad night. Was sick a couple times and felt sick the rest of the night. Will let you know how the scope goes xxxxxxx
Had the scope yesterday but it showed nothing.
Home again now. Slept all day. Had some lactofree custard and as much fluids as I could get in me. Still thirsty though.
Not sure where to go from here as i am now on my own with all this. Will see if i can get in to see my gp next week and get a referral to see a diet person just for some advice.
Wondering how you are doing and hoping you have found some answers. I had similar issues with a number of causes: GERD, acidity due to my impaired kidney function, dehydration, and active crohns. Anyway, I found the following helpful:

- using a juicer
-Popsicles and lollipops
-sipping vegetable or chip broth from a mug
-staying hydrated by sucking on ice cubes/juice cubes
-avoiding coffee and chocolate
-taking an acid reducer every night before bed even if not symptomatic
-eating very slowly
-drinking plenty of fluids with my meals
-having a cup of chai or mint or cinnamon/cardamom tea before a meal
-elevating my head at night

Best to you.
The swallowing issue does seem to be slowly resolving itself. I still get a lot of discomfort on swallowing but less pain than before.
I do get stomach pain after digesting anything. Even the fresubins cause discomfort and pain. Tried broths and ssuch but still tthe same pain.
I do take gaviscon before bed each night even if i don't need it.
Ice lollies and popsicles are a must and a big favourite with me at the moment!
Have been discharged from the hospital as they couldn't find anything definitive wrong. On the scope they did they took biopsies but have told me not to expect any concrete results from them.
Have been trying to eat the crisps that melt in your mouth and having these throughout the day.
Thank you for enquiring about my progress and for all your suggestions.
Hope you are well