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Ladies' issues 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Omg yes. I was recently diagnosed 2 weeks ago and I actually had my period during a flare which I confused my flare pain with my period pain in reality it was both together HORRENDOUS. A week later once my period passed I was hospitalized and diagnosed I’m getting side tracked here but yes for the first time I had my period for 8 days. Very heavy as well. Very strange.
Have you been checked for endometriosis? That is one of the symptoms, is having a heavy period persisting more than 7 days. Usually IBS and endometriosis get commonly confused. I hope you feel better soon! ❤


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Quite a few people notice a change in symptoms - usually getting worse - when they have their period. It may be due to the hormonal changes during this time.
My period lasts for about 5 days and I got a stable menstrual cycle.
But it's heavy and the pain gets me in bed.
These days I also have diarrhea 😰😰😰.
Endometriosis ? Seems difficult to diagnose it 😱


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Both of my girls say that their symptoms take an uptick when they get their periods. More frequent BM's and looser etc. So much so that my one daughter was in a flare and she said it was just her period.

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Even being in remission mine acts up during that time. My GI didn't act too surprised when I told him, so it sounds like it's natural for us ladies.