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Lasik eye surgery

Has anyone with UC had Lasik eye surgery while on weekly humira? I also take Apriso and azathioprine (50mg daily).

For the longest time I have wanted to get it done since I have terrible nearsighted vision (-8 on both eyes). Long story short I went in for an evaluation to see if I'm a candidate and it turns out I am eligible!! I was told I have very healthy eyes other than my terrible vision. My procedure is scheduled for next week and the opthomologist assured me I don't have to stop my meds and I should heal just fine. For the record, my UC is in clinical remission.

I just don't understand why there is so much conflicting information out there that people with autoimmune diseases are automatically disqualified. They did do a very thorough evaluation with lots of test and medical history review. Some of the conditions and meds that automatically disqualified you, at least in their office, are the following: RA, Lupus, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, Accutane (med for acne) and pregnancy (hormones apparently change your vision).
Hello, I too have eyesight problems, very short-sighted, -7 and astigmatism. I 've worn contact lenses and now glasses as I found acuity wasn't great with lenses anymore and also more costly and fiddly. I have glasses for long distance and for reading. Let's face it, lazer surgery is about vanity. It's not a medical necessity. There are also risks as it involves lazer surgery on the cornea. It's hugely expensive. I went for a free consultation out of curiosity and the cost would have been the same as a new car. (Gulp). I would go for lenses and have a lovely holiday instead or some designer glasses. You can also have swimming goggles fitted with prescription lenses.:unsure::coffee:

Only you can decide if it's the right choice for you.

There's a lot of factors to consider, and the risk is not zero

However, the benefits to this procedure are many, and will last a good long time.
It sounds like you may be a good candidate to achieve excellent results.

There's a few things you can do to optimise your chances of a fully positive outcome.

... you've already done one of the most important things one can do
... You're here, and you're asking questions

The best path one can take is to do everything in their power to achieve optimum results
If your UC is in remission, sounds like you have a window to work in.
Now would be a really good time to maintain an even strain, and focus on staying healthy.

All medical procedures go better with a calm, rested and ready patient

Hopefully, someone with personal experience will post up how it went for them, and maybe some good advice on how to prepare for the appointment and procedure.

I think spending some time outside ( if it's warm where you are ) hiking, exercizing, or just chillin, watching the sunset will help relax you and prepare your mind and body for a few days of small challenges. I would strongly recomendsome good sunglasses to give your eyes a rest from the glare of the sun, and try not to use harsh bright light in the house/workplace.

I hope you have someone to watch over you for a day or two post procedure, and that things go well for you

Good luck, and update the thread with the results of your journey to better vision
Thanks for the honest feedback. Yes, lasik is not a medical necessity but it will definitely improve my quality of life. I have been wearing glasses since I was 8 and contacts since my late teens. I am a very active (I do MMA, running, swimming, tennis, etc) person so I am looking forward to the freedom my eyes will have. Not to mention the savings every year on contacts, glasses, solution, etc. The procedure itself is a lot more affordable than previous years. Luckily for me I am able to use my flexible spending account.

I'll make sure to post an updated afterwards in case anyone else is interested in having it done as well. All the best!