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Laxatives - When should i go back to work?!

I have a colonoscopy under anesthetic on the 21st of this month and i havent had one in nearly 5 years... how many days after does it take to leave your system and immodium work to stop it coming out like water... TMI but we're all friends here haha!



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I am back to normal activities the day after my scope...usually work the day before, take 1 day off then back to work.....
My worry is getting back into a routine after the laxatives. I hate running to and from the toilet at work and i certainly don't want to go back whilst the laxatives are making it worse. My normal is bad so i don't want anything adding to that!


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Hi again, Rose! When I've got the days off to spare, I always try to take 3 days off of work for scopes. A day before to do prep, obviously the day of the scope, and I also take off the day after - sometimes, it's a bit painful the day after the scope once the pain meds have worn off. I sometimes can feel the spots where they've taken biopsies, and/or have trapped wind pain from the air they pump into the colon during the scope. As far as having diarrhea from the prep, though, I'm usually fine in that regard by the following day. If anything, I tend to not go at all for a few days following the scope - I presume it's because I was so cleaned out that it takes a few days for my system to "fill up" with stool again, or something like that. So yeah, for me I do take the following day off but it's because of pain, not because of bathroom trips.
I have had a couple of colonoscopies and both times my bowel has immediately gone very quiet, no faeces or diarrhoea for about three days, so based on my experience I think you should be fine to go back to work next day. I had no need for Immodium, everything dried up naturally for those wonderful few days.

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Ds has had 7 scopes and he is back to school the next day
No bm for three days (it's all clean in. There so they can see everything
So basically stool has to build up again
Which takes three days with normal eating
Good luck


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My kiddo misses two days of school - one for prep and one for the scope. She bounces back quite quickly (even though they use general anesthesia for scopes for kids). She has some belly pain and sometimes a bit of bleeding, but no other issues.

Our GI suggested Simethicone (which is the same as Gas x and is OTC) for gas pains after scopes. It's what they give babies and is a very safe drug.