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LDN actually works on me! (miracle ahead)

Hey guys!

So I recently started taking LDN (4.5 mg) once a day at night before bed and it actually works for me! Just to give you an idea of why this is so amazing for me and a borderline miracle: I have severe refractory crohn's disease. I have tried every medication and treatment under the sun, to no avail. Before taking the LDN, I was sick for two years solid. I had to drop out of college, quit my job, and was basically reduced to just being able to "exist" at home whilst being on extremely high doses of continuous pain medicine.

I began to the LDN this past May. Like other people on this forum have said, it was a very gradual process. I honestly didn't even know if it was doing anything for a while there. However, now that I look back at where I was in May and where I am now, I can see a huge change. I am now full time in college again and am able to work out five days a week. :) LDN gave me my life back.

I really hope this encourages a least one person to badger their doctor into letting them try LDN. It's almost side-effect free and extremely cheap too. :)
It works most of the time still. However, my anxiety levels have increased (one of the less common side effects of the medication), I have tachycardia again, and I'm tired quite a bit. But then, I don't really have anywhere to go from here because I've either failed all of the other medications or the side effects were so bad that they outweighed the benefits. The only other thing that has ever been proven to work on me are stem cells, and I can't exactly obtain those until the FDA approves it or a trial comes about that doesn't care about the fact that I've failed more than one biologic.