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LDN and Drug Testing.

I'm a LDN user who makes their batch at home from online ordered 50mg tablets, because no doctor will let me try it. It does great for me!!

However, I was randomly selected for a drug test yesterday at work. It was about 12 hours after I took my last 4.5mg dose.

Do you think anything will appear on the drug test?

Honestly, even if it does I'd rather get fired than quit LDN. My health is so much more important to me.

I'm just curious if anyone else dealt with this. I'll post my results once I know.
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The employer is an important element in your question. Some employers (transportation, federal contractors, etc) under the mandates of federal regulation are restricted to use of a 5-panel screen with a specific cut-off of 2000 in relation to opiates SAMHSA. Employers that are unionized must test in accord with standards established by their collective bargaining agreement. Usually equal to the SAMHSA standard above.

Other than those exceptions, no restrictions are placed on employers and they may choose more intrusive testing I.e. 10 panel tests if they desire. Most don't.

Naltrexone is technically an opioid, that is a synthetic opiate. It does not produce the same metabolites as the opiate class and it is these metabolites that are being tested for. Therefore, this drug should not be detected unless specifically tested for. The 5-panel will not pick it up at 2000 or anywhere near that cut-off. Tests for detection must usually be "no threshhold" to detect. You should be entirely safe. But it is technically detectable.


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I'm a commercial truck driver. My employer demands drug testing. I have been tested on a number of occasions, and usually about 7 - 8 hours after taking it. I have not had any issues... and I disclosed to my employer that I take 4.5 mg of Naltrexone daily. My employer is a very large multi-national, and the testing is a standard drug screen.. so my assumption is that it either doesn't show up, or even if it does, it doesn't result in any red flags. The only difference is that I have a prescription.. but my understanding is that 'prescriptions' are confidential doctor patient information... so it shouldn't matter.
Well, have you tried removing all the toxins from your body? It's just that I was once selected for a drug test at work. And I took my dose of 5 milligram day ago. But I quickly cleared my body of this drug. I came across a drug on the Internet that removes the remnants of drugs from the blood, cells, and intestines. That is, wherever there is a trace of drugs in the organism, this medicine just cleans up. I don't remember what it's called, I bought it in theihcc.com. This medicine is in the form of tablets, in the form of serum and even in the form of a liquid.
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