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LDN and entocort (budesonide)

hello everyone
- am currently taking entocort (active ingredient budesonide) and want to know if i can keep taking LDN. anyone have any experience like this?

i am aslo doing the blood group diet (extremely helpful) but also trying to cut back on carbs because they are disgested in the intestines and we need to give them a break (fat and meat are digested in the stomach and so very good for crohns).

also, fish oil every day, and keep off the omega 6 oils, use coconut oil, which alslo helps the intestines.

also, am starting curcumin (tumeric extract) as a major antiinflamatory herb.

also, AMP aloe vera extract.

Everything is so expensive though!!!

have been ok for many years, some minor flare ups. but i want the breakthru, i will not settle for less than complete cure

so i have added oregano oil to kill the bacteria that causes crohns.

fingers crossed, my next colonoscopy in a year will show NOTHING!!!

love to you all, take your health in your own hands.:rosette1::rosette1:
Unfortunately the LDN (with alpha lipoic acid) didn't help my daughter. She was on it for two months and things got progressively worse. (Plus alpha-lipoic acid, Krill oil, 2000 D, probiotics, and - when she can swallow the huge pill - curcumin). Constant pain with heavy duty spikes, nausea, vomiting, joint aches, can't eat, lots of weight loss, etc. Her original surgeon and her new GI doc (who we love, so far) both feel that there is no stricture even though three tests to determine 100% failed (two aborted Upper GI/Small bowel series because she kept throwing up the contrast goop, the torture of a barium enema to try and look at small bowel reflux only to have a bubble in the way). So we sort of agreed with the doc that we need heavier duty intervention at this point as our lower risk anti-inflammatory attempts are not enough at this stage of the disease. Ah well.

Put in paperwork for Humira, but in the meantime will be trying Entocort (is there any justification for the obscene cost of this drug? Thanks goodness for our prescription plan. But I'm still appalled.)

Bottom line is that we took her off the LDN for now.
My husband went to pick up my refill of Entocort. $1400.00 One months supply!! That will
put you right back in the hospital! Anyway with my insurance coverage it was only $10 a month. But seriously- thats alot of money!!
Specific Carb Diet

I have had Chron's since I was 10 years old and am now currently 23 years old. I have been on Asacol and Entocort( just recently switched to generic called Budesonide) for 13 years. I have Finally decided after doctor after doctor after doctor had no help for me unless I stepped up to Remicade or Humira. They constantly had no answers besides trying several different prescriptions. I have been in terrible diarrhea, cramps, constipation, fistulas, hemroids, blood, etc. for 13 years... Not until recently when I found The Specific Carbohydrate Diet in a book written by Elaine Gottschall did I start to see some positive results and REAL RESULTS. DIET IS THE KEY TO REMISSION AND FIXING YOUR CHRONS, colitis, diarrhea, etc. Along with making sure your at the proper B12, Folate, B6, D3, and omega 3,6,9 fatty acids are at the appropriate level. Look more into Broccoli specifically and EGGS!! I promise some good results if not possible remission or you don't have intestinal problems.

In fact I have found that Asacol (specifically Asacol HD) and Budesonide can cause indigestion and stomach problems. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON WHAT YOUR DOCTOR GIVES YOU... THEY DONT HAVE THE ANSWERS!! DIET IS THE KEY!!! i only want you all to know what has taken me 13 years to figure out! Good luck all!

I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's on January 11th of this year. I was put on Budesonide and Asacol that day. I also got Jordin Rubins book "Restoring your Digestive Health". I did most of his suggestions for about a month. Many specifics and hard to get some things he recommends. So I started with the Primal diet (no processed carbs, just veggies, meat and natural fats). But have since fallen off that wagon. I don't eat much anymore...sweets are my downfall. However, my problem now is that I'm having stomach pain throughout the day and I think it might be my meds?? The pain is bad enough that I have to stop what I'm doing and be very still and breathe until it passes. Also lots of gas!! Does anyone know if these are side effects of the drugs I'm on or if it's just good ole' Crohn's? One more thing...I'm so depressed I can barely leave the house every day!! I swear I want to jump out of my skin or just sleep!! SOO not like me! Used to work out 5 days a week!! I'm just looking for knowledge here. I have an appointment with my primary care doc in a few weeks for a physical. In meantime, any knowledge, support, advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all!!
Hey there! So I recently found out that asacol has given me dyspepsia which is constant indigestion.. So that is directly related to the inflammation of the stomach from excess acid build up or other issues. I have reduced my asacol to a minimal amount! Gas is definitely a problem with dyspepsia. Budesonide HAS been linked to severe depression, anger, irritability, etc. and I believe it was creating this problem for me as well! Two weeks ago I got off of my last dose of budesonide and Feel great and not so angry and upset and down! I would read the drug information they give you when you get the prescriptions it has all the info you need and SHOULD KNOW about the drugs you are taking!! SWEETS affect me the most and I LOVE them the most! but they hurt my stomach and colon the most so I HAVE TO AVOID THEM AT ALL COST! let me know if I can be of more help

My husband is taking budesonide 9mg and azarhioprine 200 mg. One of the drugs is an auto immune suppressent. I was wondering if anyone taking these drugs has ever taken oil of oregano at the same time? Curious to know if there are any side effects to taken oil of oregano while on these meds.

He is feeling like he is coming down with something and I want to start him on oil of oregano cause it has saved me so many times from getting sick. Just want to make sure it is safe while on those meds.