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LDN and Specific Carbohydrate Diet Working Well

Yesterday Keith and I went to his check up with the colon-rectal surgeon from the hospital. He'd done the surgery opening up the abscess further and placing the tube from the original fistula gland so that all that puss and goo and stuff could get out!

Well... he was totally shocked at how much healing Keith has done! He asked what Keith was taking for his Crohn's and I told him, LDN, eating SCD and supplements. He had never heard of LDN being used for Crohn's treatment but was so amazed and positive about how great Keith is doing!

The entire 45 mile drive home through Bay Area rush hour commute traffic we were grinning and high fiving each other! He sees the surgeon in a month, then again, a month after that he plans to remove the tube! We're all thinking positive! :)

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Great news Rhonda! Good news is rare here and it does so much for the positive feedback, now he just needs to continue looking after himself. My Gi didnt know about LDN either and he would of put me on it but I couldnt stablize enough with out pain meds. Then I forgot about it and used VSL#3, works for me. Everyone needs to find their "healing potion" glad he found his, great stuff! Keep us posted ok?
Very good news Rhonda, what a relief to be going in the right direction hey.
My son also has a fistula and has been on LDN and SCD since August, his is also slowly getting better, he has a couple of drainage holes and fistulas and one is completely dry and seems to be closing up, so a big high five for LDN and SCD from over here too.