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Ldn and waking early

Hey guys just started on ldn a few days back feeling better already bowels are still playing games but I feel way better mentally and physically.

I like to go fishing early in the morning I can wake at 4 or 5 am to go to my favorite lake's.

My question is, is this bad for ldn cause I know you take it between about 9-11pm and it starts doing it's thing about 3am is this right or can I take it when I go to bed and then it will just work earlier or is this not the case with LDN.
My understanding is it turns off the endorphin makers for 3 hours and when they come back on they make more to make up for the time it was turned off so I don't think getting up early should effect it.
thanks guys so no wozzas getting up early for a fishing session excellent auusie summer here I come