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LDN conference Ocober 2013 Chicago

I just wanted to post this for all those that live near the Chicago area that might be interested in attending the upcoming LDN conference in October 2013.

"The LDN 2013 AIIC Conference is a charity event organised by the LDN Research Trust, which is being held at Harper College, Palatine Illinois on 5th October 2013.

The conference reviews, compares and contrasts the most recent data and treatments for a variety of Auto-Immune and Immuno-modulated Conditions"

Here is the site with more info

Palatine is actually about 25 miles northwest of Chicago for those that are not familiar with the area. I do think that I will be attending.


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Hmmm, sounds intriguing. But, if a lot of Crohnies show up for it, they might start calling Chicago the 'Windy' city.

I wonder how many GI's, GP's, etc., know about this? Or, more to the point, care? That's where the big breakthrough will happen... when ordinary doctors start attending. Anyone who does attend... I wonder if anyone 'there' will listen to our success stories, or pleas?

How does that saying go.. nothing ventured, nothing gained.
LOL...it's the windy city alright. I do think it's been a long time in coming but I think the tide is turning and I do believe that the time for LDN is now. Here is the lieup for the conference....

08:30 - Registration
09:00 - Linda Elsegood Welcome Address
09:05 - Dr Mark Mandel, Introduction
09:10 - Dr Pradeep Chopra - Pain Specialist
09:40 - Speaker
10:00 - Dr Kent Holtorf - Thyroid Disorders/CFS/ Fibro/Lyme
10:40 - Break
10:45 - Jackie Young-Bihari - LDN Research Trust Patron
10:55 - LDN Expert Panel - Pharmacist Dr Skip Lenz
11:55 - Q&A Panel
12:15 - Lunch
13:15 - Dr Ronald Herberman – Planned LDN Clinical Trials
13:45 - Paul Battle PA-C - Crohn's/MS
14:15 - Dr Burt Berkson - Cancer
14:45 - Dr Deanna Windham – Allergies/Autoimmune diseases in Children/Lupus
15:15 - Break
15:30 - Dr Mark Shukhman - Psychiatrist
16:00 - Dr Mark Mandel and Stephen Dickson – LDN Compounding Pharmacists
16:30 - Q&A Panel
16:50 - Dr Mark Mandel - Summary

I attended the first ever LDN conference in New York I think it was 2005 or so as a patient advocate and it was very exciting at that time to just see what was happening with it and how many people shared my interest.
Are you aware that even Dr. Mercola put something about LDN in a newsletter once? I was very pleased to see that and think that will go a long way with regards to acceptance. There is still a long way to go I'm afraid but it's baby steps. I see that Skip will be attending this one as he always does. He's been compounding my LDN for the past 11 years now. I see some doctors on the list who will be speaking regarding Crohns and MS so that's a good reason to attend if you are interested in this therapy.
As I have said before, pleople need to realize that most doctors are really not into researching new things and just do a job the way most people do. They come to work and do their 8 hours. They get their info from drug reps and prescribe drugs all day so what can we expect from them. Our health is so in our own hands really.


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Here's the thing I honestly just don't get. Where is the media? LDN is the best kept secret ever. I simply don't understand why local, regional or national, international media aren't all over this. Man... when I think of what my life.. if I were still alive.. may have been like if someone hadn't posted the link about Dr. Smiths original Penn State study. I mean, I've been doing what I can on here to spread the word, and I 'believe'.. by rough count.. that a little over 20 people have tried N succeeded with LDN due to the info I posted.. or info about my trial.. but... when you divide that by 5 years.. well, it all seems pretty inconsequential. Unless you were one of those 20 or so. But, it could have been hundreds, thousands even.. who might have benefited if the word was spread by ... news reporters.. journalists... informed doctors.. people who 'should' know.

I don't think it is an exxageration... I 'think' LDN is the medical discovery of this century. Just doesn't seem like anyone of importance has quite discovered it just yet. Damn! It is so maddening. The 'lives' that could be spared. That part makes me sad.
Drug companies making big bucks on biologics, etc. Want to suppress public knowledge of cheap drugs even if they work.


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There's never a Deepthroat around when you need one. (that's a Watergate reference, not a Clinton one). Robert Redford marked the anniversary of that film.. my, how time flies. I guess to some folks it is ancient history.. and when you say Nixon these days, many think of Cynthia Nixon.. and Sex in the City. Not impeaching a US president. But, you'd think that there still were some real news people out there spreading the word. A drug that could spare so many so much suffering, and almost no one has heard of it.
It took me awhile to finally realize just what the whole deal was. It is not just one thing really. Our conventional medicine system in this country is just a bad paradigm really. If you think trying to find ways to help with Crohns is bad, trying to deal with LDN and MS is an even bigger headach cuz MS drugs are such a cash cow. We don't stand a chance for getting anyone to do drug trials for MS that could compete with Big Pharma. I was exstatic to see that things were going forward with clinical studies for Crohns when I got wind of that a few years back. Any way you look at it, it's a bad situation and that is why it's so darned important for us to get the word out that we are all on our own to find these things. Think about it, who is going to put up the millions of dollars to study a drug with absolutely no payback. This is our wonderful system. Doctors will hide behind that statement that they are not comfortable doing anything that doesn't have a multitude of clinical trials behind it. I decided years ago that I was not going to wait until these nuckleheads got their act together. I made my move and found what I needed for myself.
I had often thought of it as the medical discovery of the century as well and that's why we are all so enthusiastic to share this info with others I spose. A friend that I met at the first LDN conference wrote a delightful book titled "Up the Creek with a Paddle" regarding her search to find help for her husband with MS. Mary Boyle Bradley is her name and the book is very good. In fact, her brother in Ireland is a doc and prescribes LDN now for women with issues surrounding having children if you can believe that. It is amazing but when you think about how many things really revolve around having an immune system that works right it starts to make sense.
In the early going I was very hopeful and enthusiast and like you could not understand it until I saw everything for what it was. I tried to contact many different newspeople and famous people with relatives that have MS...even tried to contact Oprah. Nothing worked, everything was a dead end for me. I've been at this for over 10 years now and not as active with it these past few years. I still maintain a spreadsheet of names of doctors that will prescribe LDN all over the country and try to get the word out to people but it's difficult as these sites take exception to people posting their e-mail addresses. I was even banned from a site years ago as I was just too zealous with my news I guess. Was discouraging but we do what we can where we can. I loved seeing that Dr. Mercola had something about it in one of his newsletters a year or so ago. I had written to him many years before but I guess he was not ready to hear it then or I'm sure must have thought...who's this nut..lol. Anyway, just keep doing what you're doing. I think it's great.
Slowly but surely I see things going forward but look..it's been 11 years for me and many more for poor Dr. Gluck who was a childhood friend of Dr. Bihari and is the one that created the website ldninfo.org for him.