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LDN (convince doctor)

Hello :)

I understand that LDN (Low-dose naltrexone) is not officially accepted as a treatment for Crohn's everywhere but that some doctors still prescribe it to their patients, especially when presented with enough Scholarly evidence that it works.

I am based in Germany and i want to ask my doctor to be started on LDN instead of Stelara (after failing other biologics already) Got my appointment this week!

So i am wondering if you guys would be so kind and share with me what worked for you to be able to receive LDN, what articles, websites, testimonies could i share with my doctor to convince him that LDN is a good choice for me too!?

Maybe it's a long shot. But after reading success stories from so many other patients i really want to give this a try before anything else!!




Brief History:
Crohn's for 25 years
No surgery

Currently on Prednisone 25mg (tapering from 100mg)
Currently on SCD Intro diet

Previous medications:
Mezalazine Enema
Prednisone Enema


Holding It Together
Sorry I can't help you, because I am at the same place as you. You may want to post on main general thread to see if you can get more visibility. How did your appointment go?
CarolinAlaska! Sorry for the late reply.

How did things go for you?

My appointment went well in the end.
I ordered 2 books from Amazon:

The Power of Honest Medicine, by Julia Schopick
The LDN Book, by Linda Elsegood

Both are about LDN and they are rather convincing. I think it makes it feel more real when you hold a book in your hands you know.
So I read and underlined some of the important points and gave them to my Doctors. And they agreed to give it a try.

But i haven't started it yet as i'm still tapering Prednisone and trying to figure out the best way to start LDN successfully

Is your plan to start LDN?