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LDN doctors in (East) Texas

Ok Texans, I need your help. I live in Tyler, TX and my current gastro won't prescribe LDN. I had a severe reaction to Remicade on dose #4 and really would like to stay away from TNFs.

Please help me find a doctor in Texas that writes for LDN.


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Someone suggested calling pharmacies in your area and asking which doctors prescribe it. D Bergy is our resident LDN expert....He can help you out too with that info. Good luck.
This Yahoo group can help locate a Doctor in your area that prescribes LDN.


If you do get a prescription I would recommend using one of the recommended compounders on the http://www.lowdosenaltrexone.org/ site

It is better to start it when you are not flared, as it takes weeks and months before you will stabilize. LDN is not a hard hitting drug. It slowly makes your immune system work more normally.

I have done very well using it.

Even if you have to travel a bit to get your initial prescription, it is worth it. Once you have a prescription, local doctors are much more willing to continue it. I went 800 miles for my initial prescription, then I went to a local GP and she had no qualms about refilling it. It is kind of a weird but true phenomenon.

Good Luck.

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