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LDN for fistulas?

I have two severe and painful perianal fistulas. The rest of my disease is under control. I'm on the GAPS diet and remicade but the fistulas are not closing. The doctors are suggesting adding imuran to the remicade but I know that comes with lots if risk. My GI doesn't prescribe LDN as far as I know but I'm wondering if I should inquire into it elsewhere. Does anyone here have success with fistulas and LDN?


If Remicade is not closing it, I'd urge you to consider Imuran so it doesn't get out of hand. You could always add LDN but there isn't enough data to say it can help but likely can't hurt.


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While I was on LDN and 5-ASA, my fistula healed. Whether the LDN played a role I can't say for sure. I "think" that the LDN gave me a normal functioning immune system which resulted in it healing... but I've no scientific evidence (or training) to back up my theory.

I'm on Remicade (but it is not working so far)... and it is known to suppress the immune response... so I wouldn't expect typical healing to take place given it's properties. (but my understanding is pretty limited).. I doubt that adding LDN would benefit either.. as it merely causes a 'rebound' effect... but with no immune system to heal the fistula.. I fail to see it resulting in positive impact. I think your best shot may be to listen to your dr..

Yeah, Imuran (Azathioprine) is a tricky drug. I was on it, but it wasn't a good experience.
But, that was me... an exception to the rule. Your doctor wouldn't suggest it without weighing the benefits/risks. I'm guessing this isn't his first go round treating fistulas.
Hi Kev
Hope you are feeling well
i dont post very often but browse the forums quite a lot, I noted you have had great results with LDN but have no started using Remicade? do you mind if I ask did the LDN effect wear off ?

I am on Rem and have fistulas but I am going to switch to LDN as I dont trust Remicade side effects I would be interested to hear if about the reasons for the swtich to Remicade if you are ok with that?

Either way 7 years in remission on LDN would be great for me

All the best