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LDN for use in UC (vs CD)

I've been reading some LDN threads lately. It seems that most if not all the discussions and studies have focused on crohns disease, and not so much ulcerative colitis.

In my case, I have looked around the forum and internet for LDN friendly practitioners to no avail, but I found this Ian Hewitt guy, an Aussie living in Phuket, that does mail order. He sent along a measuring cup so that you drop one 50mg pill into a 500 ml of bottled water, and serve up 45ml before bed. I still am looking for a local practitioner but I might decide to get going on this, since it will probably take months to take effect.

But I was wondering if the experience with LDN in testimonials and studies showed a difference in effectiveness between UC vs CD.
I see you live in Charlotte? I currently live near Mooresville. My husband has been on LDN since april, and a doctor in Mooresville prescribes it for us.. msg me if you need more info!