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"LDN friendly docs" 2013 conference

Hi to all that come here for help with either getting a prescription for LDN or just posting or following along with those that are taking it.
I am so very happy to hear just how many are doing so well with LDN as I've been a patient advocate for it's use for over 10 years now.
LDN conferences happen maybe about every 4 or 5 years and there is currently one this year in Chicago.
I have agreed to help the person in the UK who is organizing things by calling doctors on our list of "LDN friendly" docs to first of all inform them about the conference and at the same time inquire if they would like to do a phone interview with Linda Elsegood in the UK regarding their experiences with LDN and the patients they are helping.
My question to all of you is whether you'd be generous enough to share with me your doc info so that I can add them to our spreadsheet. We are contacted by people all over the world when they are sometimes desperate to find a doctor that is prescribing it and nothing makes me sadder then to have to say, "sorry....don't have anyone in your area".
Please do fellow patients a favor and send me info about the doctor that you use for your prescriptions and also, please ask your doctor if he'd like to be called on the phone and discuss LDN with Linda Elsegood from www.ldnresearchtrust.org
You can send me a private message on this site or just e-mail this information directly to me at wkendz32@hotmail.com
Your information will go a long way to helping another Crohn's patient find their way to this remarkable healing tool. Just put LDN in the subject line so I don't accidentally delete your e-mail.
Thanks much. I've been taking LDN for just over 10 years myself and so very thankful that I found it... *S*.