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LDN-friendly GI in Houston?

Hi there!

Can anyone out there give me a lead on a GI doctor in Houston who is willing to prescribe LDN? I am getting stonewalled on this by current GI.



I can't speak to the Houston region in specific, but from what I've read here, it appears that many (though not all) who take LDN usually get it through a different source than the GI -- a primary care physician, naturopath, etc. I had a GI that was willing to prescribe to me, but only because I came armed with some published studies for evidence, and I was doing "OK" by their standards -- I wasn't a severe case. LDN isn't considered standard-of-care yet, so finding a gastroenterologist to prescribe it might be tricky.
Ah, thank you Jesse! Very helpful, that tells me the direction to go. I have been asymptomatic for 11 years with SCDiet, but still take 25 mg of 6-mp per day. Have for 20years or so. Would like to see if substituting LDN for 6-MP would work for me. My GI said to just ween off 6-MP, but that is not working - 4months into it, and fatigue/nausea are coming back.

Happy holidays!


Yeah, might be good to do a replacement. Surprised about the weaning off 6-MP if you were doing well; I don't know much about the immunosupressants, but I always figured that the if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it approach was the way to go. I can see why you'd want to add LDN to the mix -- I'm still on Pentasa, and I'm not sure if it's what is keeping me in remission or if it's the LDN, but both me and my gastro doc figure it can't hurt. Anyways, happy holidays to you as well and good luck!