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LDN intergview with LDN Trust Research

Thanks for posting Joyce I don't have time to watch it right now as I'm getting ready to head out the door but I've bookmarked it for later


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WOW! That interview actually brought tears to my eyes. But, in a good way. I try not to harp on the benefits of LDN, simply because I don't want to come across like .. I don't know.. a used car salesman (apologies to any used car salesman out there) or some sort of... religious convert (apologies to Tom Cruise) but this lady tells her story in such an.. honest, straight forward, way.. no hype, no hoople, no drum thumping. Kudos.

I'd just like to reiterate. LDN, if it works for you, essentially gives you your pre-disease life back. Period. The damages done to you by the disease before LDN is another matter.
So, I agree totally with her point... she doesn't understand why it isn't offered sooner. I hope that I live to see the day when.. with all the tests/trials completed, and all of the approvals in place, and the medical profession educated to it, LDN becomes the number 1 treatment option.. the first line of defense.. and diseases like Crohns simply go away.
I'm glad that you liked the interview. Please keep in mind that Linda Elsegood, who is the interviewer is always eager to interview anyone by phone that has a story to tell with regards to LDN. She is going to be at the conference in October here in Chicago and I hope to see her there.
Anyway, Kev......it sounds like you have a good story to tell. Would you like to schecule an interview regarding your experience with LDN and Crohn's????
Let me know and I'll contact her.


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Well, I'd love to help get the word out. But, scheduling anything is pretty complicated due to my work. If they wanted to do something on a weekend, I could accomodate that. Otherwise, when I leave for work at 6 AM, I can't ballpark when I'll get home that night. Typically, it is between 10 - 14 hours later, with the average being around 12 hrs.

But, if she is interested, and it might help someone, or spread the LDN news, I'd be glad to.
Hmmmm...she's in the UK so I'm not sure about the time difference but that could work in your favor. I could send her your e-mail addy and she'll contact you for the best time for the interview. I think you'd be great, just pm your e-mail addy to me and I'll send it to her.