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LDN prescriber in NYC

Hi LDNers:

Does anyone know of a LDN-prescribing physician in NYC? I am moving next month and am trying to find someone so I don't have to come down to Philly for my scripts.


Look into anybody who might be offiliated with Dr. Bihari who is from NYC and discovered LDN.

Dr Leo Galland (not part of any insurance though), he is amazing.

Also, Gideon's pharmacy (Bwy and 37th) does compounding, $45 for 4.5mg x 90tabs, free delivery within the area, or $7 shipping anywhere.
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew how I can get a hold of this doctor Galland. I know he is based in NY and I live in IL Chicago area, but no one here will write it for me. Its a long shot but I was hoping if I could pay for it and the shipping then he could get me some.
Dr Galland 212-989-6733

He can probably do a phone consult, but his fees are pretty steep, especially for a new patient consult (a few hundred $). He wouldn't ship you anything, theoffice could probably could call in the prescription for you to Gideon's, and Gideon's pharmacy could ship it to you. I pay ~$50 for a 90-day supply (no shipping since I am local).