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LDN Question

Hi Folks,

I have just been made aware of LDN on this forum and would be keen to investigate if it could work for me. I will be meeting with my GI tomorrow but I wonder if anyone could answer this question for me...

Can I take Prednisolone alongside LDN?

Many thanks!
As it is my understanding prednisolone is the same thing as prednisone here in the US so yes you may but only 10mg. You may also take Entocort and know of two others that were on Entorcort (weaning off) while taking/starting LDN. It takes quite a while for the LDN to start doing its job and if you can take something to back it up while it gets up and going, you would probably feel better although there have been quite a few, my son included who went cold turkey and stopped taking any other meds at the start of LDN and we ended up flaring about the 2nd-3rd week in.
Hope it works as well for you as it has for us. Good luck and keep us posted
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Hey Minionaire

I echo jmrogers4 sentiments. My understanding is that you can take up to 10mg of pred (whether it be prednisolne or prednisone... potatoes potatoes... hmmm, that doesn't work in print). I think, if you want to give LDN a try, combining it with pred is a good way to go. However, I don't recall if anyone from the UK has had success in finding someone willing to provide a prescription for it. I may be wrong, my memory isn't what it used to be... now it is a planter. And I keep forgetting to water it. But, if there are any members from the UK who have been able to source themselves some LDN, please feel free to pop in with your 2 cents worth.
I am reasonably confident that it it possible to source LDN in the UK, just not many compounding pharmacies, there is only one I think. However it is close to where I live :)

The problem is getting a prescription, wish me luck!