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I was wondering how many people are in ldn now and long term remission. All the messages I read are dated a few years ago.

Any started on this med recently and sailing smoothly


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I've been on LDN since about December 2016. I don't know that I'd call it smooth sailing, but I'm doing okay. I'm trying to get off of prednisone so I've had some issues with that - it turns out I have to taper verrry sloooowly (by 0.5 mg once per month) or I flare up again. I've also had a lot of stress in my life lately which isn't making my guts feel great (my job situation is tenuous and stressful, and my dog was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer). So, I'm okay for the most part, but it hasn't necessarily been smooth sailing.
Thank you 😊. Sorry to hear you are going through so much. My daughter is tapering down pred too. It's so hard getting off it. She's tapering by 2.5 mg and the first days of taper down days are hardest. She's on 1.5 mg ldn taken in the morning. She started initially at night but woke up few times. So we moved it to morning.

Hope it gets better for all of us.
I've been on LDN since March. I've been told I'm in remission. Calprotectin is 52, eating most everything other than gluten, limit nightshade vegetables (no potatoes--makes my joints seize up) clean foods without additives. I take 1.5mg @ bedtime. I hope I can stay on it forever. It's been a game changer. Take no other drugs, just Vit. D3, magnesium glycinate and B complex. Hope to continue LDN as a maintenance med. Best of luck with your continued use of LDN. Appreciate more feed back from those taking LDN on a long term basis as well.